Life Giving 1: Emotional Synchronization

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A friend of mine started a new job on Monday.

She has been in the workforce for awhile, so starting a new job was not an intimidating task. Furthermore, she had been vigorously pursued by various employers when she made her last job change. She had the immense privilege of selecting an excellent company from the various job offers presented to her. In short, she was excited about her new job.

Nonetheless, the first day on any new job is a stretching experience. To her delight and surprise, Elizabeth made it a point to call her on Sunday night to specifically bless the next day’s experiences.

This was both emotional and spiritual life giving. Elizabeth took the initiative to track her friend’s activities and she ANTICIPATED where there might be stress. Then she moved spontaneously to bring emotional connectedness and spiritual power to bear on that point.

The results were quite measurable. My friend bonded well with her new teammate. She was able to immediately establish wiser boundaries than at previous jobs. But most of all, she saw herself through the eyes of God in a way she had never seen herself before.

Pretty big payoff for just one day! But even before THAT payoff, my friend felt loved because of Elizabeth’s initiative in giving a time sensitive blessing and a big emotional “hug.”

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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