How to Subscribe


The Sapphire Blessings App is available for most phones and tablets.

You access it through Google Play or Apple Store, depending on your phone.

Go to the appropriate store, search for Sapphire Blessings App.

Google Play Store
Apple Appl Store

You will see THIS graphic.

Sapphire Blessings Icon

If it doesn’t come up, check your spelling of Sapphire.  One "p" doesn’t work.

Click install and open, like all other apps.

It take you through a subscription process where you register for the app (using your app store email address) and then enter or confirm your credit card, and any other salient information that the store requires.

The cost is $3.99 a month (plus any taxes and fees from the app store, based on your country) which covers the archive of 300+ teachings, as well as 12 new teachings every month.  It renews automatically each month.

Some of the older models, or older phones that have not had the software updates installed, won’t support this app.