Growing Out of Powerlessness


The kid in kindergarten tries to avoid hard learning.

The same person as an adult in university, craves admission to the difficult master’s program.

The difference between the two, is that somewhere along the way, that person learned to find resources to overcome problems, and to savor the treasures on the other side.

Few people in our Tribe pursue the best, hardest master’s program.  Most settle for an OK life, pockmarked with powerlessness that they can endure.

It appears that God can’t endure our endurance of powerlessness, so He has embarked on a powerless obliteration program.

This video is my perspective of what I think God is doing on a wide scale in our Tribe.

If you are experiencing some unusual circumstances, listen to the video and see if you fit the pattern I am seeing.


David’s Master Class in Overcoming Powerlessness

  • 1. Learn to process your grief effectively and swiftly.
  • 2. Learn to handle betrayal and abandonment.
  • 3. Learn to find strength with your spirit when your soul is crushed.
  • 4. Learn to lead in times of crisis.
  • 5. Learn to raise the bar in times of crisis.
  • 6. Learn to invest new assets and not hoard.
  • 7. Learn to step into the next season when God was ready.