The spiritual dynamics of frequencies are a big topic today.  Initially this was seen as marginal New Age stuff, but research is showing a stronger tie between the spiritual dynamics around us and the frequencies we live in.

So whether it is essential oils, frequencies of plants, frequencies in the brain or other organs, or frequencies of sound, it is a discussion on the street level of the culture today.

There is huge animus about the implications of frequencies in smart meters, G5, and sundry other intrusions in our world.

As an emerging concept, there is a significant amount of nonsense and fear-based ideas being published.  This does not change the fact that there IS substance to the link between spiritual dynamics and measurable frequencies in our cosmos.

This section of articles is not intended to be the final word on any facet of the frequency discussions.  It is designed to enlarge the discussion away from pet peeves and pet projects, into a more substantive realm.  We are decades away from having a well rounded understanding of the interface between spiritual dynamics and frequencies and we need many more iterations of the ideas currently on the table.