Fractal Deliverance Prayer Series

The fractals are the basic building blocks of the spiritual and natural universes ─ like letters to words and notes to music.

As such, the devil is intent on distorting them and using the broken version of fractals to hamper our growth.

This series is an introductory teaching on what the righteous expression of each fractal is, followed by warfare prayer to disconnect us from the evil version.


Fractal of Two Deliverance Prayer

Ephesians 3 explores one of the most profound transformations of a person, ending with “all the fullness of God.”
This seems to be rooted in the right alignment of the Fractal of Two.


Fractal of Three Deliverance Prayer

The existence of the Holy Trinity is the most widely held truth in the Body of Christ. It is in many ways, non-controversial. However, it is equally not a truth that is dangerous in the hands of believers because each stream of the faith has incarnated a weakness in expression of some facet of the Trinity.

This teaching explores how we can overtly appropriate the power of the Trinity. There is warfare prayer to untangle us from the compromised versions.