Establishing Righteous Boundaries

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1. “Father, when You came to earth at the burning bush, You enforced boundaries as part of Your interface with Moses. When You came to Mount Sinai, You made a really big deal out of the boundaries, even making Moses hike down the mountain when he did not want to, in order to remind the people of the boundaries. When You established the Tabernacle and the Temple, there were a host of boundaries created. Even when You rose from the dead, Your first act was to establish a boundary between You and Mary of Magdala.

“We understand that having the divinely ordained boundaries in place is part of the whole dynamic of Your desiring to engage with us in a spiritual or physical manner. We further acknowledge the clarity of Proverbs 22:28 and Deuteronomy 27:17 which says that moving ancient boundaries is a deep offense to You and has profound spiritual consequences to a community and the land. So I bring the land I call Balmoral to You, repenting for the whole issue of boundary violations.” November 2, 2010

2. “On the first day of creation, You established the first boundary in human history and it was for time. You created evening and morning and defined time as segmented and sequenced. I confess that the inhabitants of the land currently, and in the past, have sinned against those boundaries.

“I ask You to forgive the blatant iniquity of time travel, both the attempt to do it and the desire to do it among many who have never tried but wished to do it. I ask You to forgive the egregious moving of the boundaries of time through governmentally imposed daylight savings time which is nothing more than a statement of Your perceived incompetence. Many businesses have published calendars making Monday the first day of the week in clear defiance of Your sequence of time. Father, forgive us as a people for sinning against You and land and time and our community through these things, and we humbly ask You to cleanse the land we call Balmoral and the time associated with it.

“On a broader scale, with the advent of artificial lighting, we as a civilization have blurred the lines between day and night, refusing to alter our lifestyle to conform to the cadence You established for our good. Forgive us Lord of Time for our disdain for Your wisdom gifts and teach us how to walk within Your time boundaries in this culture. I ask You to cleanse the land and time of this pervasive lifestyle sin.

“Even more comprehensive is our disregard for stewardship over the segments of time. In the Tabernacle, You stipulated a morning and an evening sacrifice, to serve as punctuation points, marking the transition between segments. The boundaries of the segments of time were a time for people to assess their use of the previous block of time, and immediately cleanse time from any defilement. Forgive us, Father, for being a people who run endlessly, without embracing and cherishing the transition points of time. We ask You to cleanse that sin off the land at Balmoral as well.

“Finally Father, we acknowledge that neither our secular, nor our religious culture has taught us how to respect the boundaries You established for time. I ask You to teach our spirits about the beauty and majesty of Your nature which was imprinted on the segments, the sequence and the boundaries of time.” November 2, 2010

3. “On the second day of creation, You separated the waters above from the waters below. This is a boundary that must be in place for Your creation to thrive. While it obviously had an application to the atmosphere which was created by that separation, it seems to have a spiritual application as well. The demonic forces in the air, most specifically the spirit of Jezebel, often form unholy alliances with the demonic entities in the underground aquifers, including Leviathan, which You warned us against in the Ten Commandments.

“We do not understand all of these dynamics, but we do know that the land will only thrive when Your original boundaries are intact. So I ask You to study the history of the land we call Balmoral and identify every human attitude, word, action or symbol that empowered any moving or damaging of the boundary You establish on the second day, both in the natural or in the spiritual realm. I ask You to annul every covenant and unholy alliance between demonic forces of any kind.

“Then Holy Father, I ask You to reestablish the boundary for the natural world and the unseen world exactly where You desire it to be. Let the boundary be sealed and celebrated and maintained by Your angelic servants so that there is no open door for Your ancient enemy to accomplish anything in the waters above and the waters below and the air in between.” November 3, 2010

4. “On the third day, You separated the waters from the dry ground. You established a boundary for the sea which You lifted one time for the universal flood. The land I call Balmoral is not a seaside community, but I wonder about a broader interpretation of this boundary. If in the centuries past the enemy or his human agents have in any way attempted to violate this boundary with glaciers or ancient lakes or river courses, I ask You to cleanse the land and water from that defilement.

“Now Father, I specifically bring the issue of the underground aquifers to You. We know that generally this is an area of intense demonic activity. I am no expert on this subject, but I do know that whatever You designed the boundaries for the underground aquifers to be, is far better than anything the enemy desires.

“So I ask You to forgive all sin relative to manipulating Your original design for the underground aquifers, the springs, rivers and lakes attached to them. I ask You to cancel the works of darkness and to restore the boundaries that You originally designed, so that the water and the land and the people on the land will all thrive. The underground aquifers are heavily inhabited by the demonic but they were NOT designed as a habitation for the demonic, so I ask that they would be sanctified and restored to their original purpose.”

5. “On the third day, You also created vegetation according to its “kinds.” This seems to me to be a boundary. We have seen an increasing amount of measurable, identifiable damage to the ecology of the world through genetic engineering of plants which seeks to ignore Your original design and to cross the boundaries You have created between different classes of plants.

“Father, we have no idea what the spiritual implications are of defying Your sovereignly established boundaries for the life and design of plants. Nor do we know whether genetic engineers have lived or dreamed or worked in “Balmoral” or whether there is humanly modified seed in the stores, grass on the playground, crops in the fields or trees in the forests.

“However, since we desire a land where boundaries are established by You and respected by mankind, we ask You to forgive not only every such unholy action from the past, but forgive the desire in man’s heart to challenge the organic boundaries You have established.

“If there is a presence of plants that offends You, we have no way of knowing which they are, or of removing them, so we can only cry out for mercy on the land, and ask You to sanctify the spiritual environment by our prayers to whatever degree is legitimate, even if the perpetrators on the ground are not yet repentant.”

6. “On the fourth day of creation, You created the sun, moon, stars and planets. You used them to create boundaries for days, seasons and years. You have determined the spiritual purposes for time in each of these categories. There is a reflection of Your nature imprinted on each day, season and year and mankind is expected to celebrate You in the cadence of time.

“Father, we are well aware that this is an area where the enemy has been relentless in his warfare against You. From as far back as the tower of Babel and through all of human history since then, there has been a concerted effort to violate both Your boundaries and Your purposes.

“On the one hand there is the entire realm of astrology which seeks to anticipate Your plans for time and subvert them. On the other hand there is the entire battle over marking time. We confess the blatant defiance of Your will and Your Word in terms of our calendar. You stipulate that (for perfectly logical reasons) the new year begins in the spring. We today broadly follow a calendar which starts the year in January. You created a lunar calendar for the Hebrews, and we follow a ragged, irrational solar calendar. We name our days and months after ancient demon gods who are no gods at all and think nothing of it.

“The pursuit of demonic power through the worship of sun, moon, stars and planets has been legendary in its proportions from antiquity to the present as mankind has attempted to access what they should not have through means they should not follow.

“We confess that surely much of this has happened on the land we call Balmoral over the millennia of human history. It has often been approved of by the entire culture, with both civil and religious leaders validating the violation of Your boundaries.

“We therefore confess this iniquity and reject it from the beginning of human habitation in this area to the present and ask that through the word of our testimony and the blood of the Lamb, You would cleanse the land and the community of these prolific and pernicious evils.

“We know not what the consequences are of these sins. From the most defiant servant of the enemy to the most unaware secular owner of a generic calendar, these actions have to have consequences.

“We ask for Your mercy in restoring order to time and to the land in whatever measure You are legally permitted to, as a result of our petitions.”

Copyright November 2010 by Arthur Burk

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