Curses from Anglican Roots


A fever tells you that there is something wrong in your body.  Now that “something” might be as easily identifiable as an inflamed appendix or it might be mysterious, needing extensive testing to find.

The same is true of financial issues.  There are dozens of possible causes for long-term financial devouring.  Some are quite obvious and others not.

One generational cause for chronic financial devouring is the range of curses leveled against “dissenters” by the Anglican church in the United Kingdom, back in the days before The Glorious Revolution.

This clip explores the markers, so you can see if it fits your situation, as well as the strategy for restoring your birthrights.

What is so maddening is that the “dissenters” who ended up being cursed so vigorously were the people with high initiative in pursuing God.  When their descendants are passionate about the best in the Kingdom, but consistently get their legs cut out from under them, it is maddening.

The cause might be an old, old curse.



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