Creating a Spiritual Climate

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A Principle: Anything that was created by God can become a “battery” holding, and later discharging, a spiritual charge.

Paul used his handkerchief as a battery. He charged it with his healing anointing and the battery/handkerchief was carried to another town where it was discharged to heal someone.

Moses’ staff was a pretty formidable battery. God charged it once and he discharged it bit by bit over the years.

Elisha’s bones were so loaded that they were not fully discharged by his death. When another dead man touched his bones years later, he discharged the rest of his anointing and the other man came back to life.

Moses’ face was a battery which absorbed the glory of God, and discharged gradually every day. Therefore, it needed to be recharged regularly with more face time.

The angels who have been in the presence of God are glowing with heat and fire when they first begin an assignment here on earth. This seems to fade over time as even their batteries need to be recharged with some heaven time, now and then.

An Application: Land is a created medium and therefore qualifies as a battery. We are accustomed to seeing land absorb a charge as a result of a dramatic visitation from God. For example, there is still anointing in the room in Wales where Rees Howells had his encounter with God. More commonly, many church sanctuaries carry a significant charge because God has met with His people there so often.

But we do not have to wait for the corporate event or the dramatic visitation from God. While those are wonderful tools for charging the battery of the land, it is not easy to achieve that on demand in the microcosm of your land.

Fortunately we can accomplish the same objective over time through our lifestyle and through the words we speak.

But first we must determine what flavor of the power of God is most appropriate for a given piece of land. I plan to do a number of different studies in the next few days, but for today, let’s focus on a therapist’s office.

Initially the land was more or less neutral. Depending on whether this is a bedroom in your home or an office in a commercial building, there would be some flavors from the cadence of life imprinted on the land, but not necessarily any definable presence of God.

So I start with the objective, then define the obstacle and then look for the truth of the nature of God that is the opposite of the obstacle.

Most therapists or counselors are going to see a broad spectrum of situations but still the objectives should be three: freedom from bondage, healing from brokenness, and a release of the treasures from God that are placed in their spirit. Granted some people focus on step one more than the rest, and others on step two, and few counselors do much in the positive numbers of step three, but those still are the three objectives you should find in most Christian practices.

I feel we can take the mass of barriers a counselor faces and reduce them to two broad categories: deception and fear. Sometimes the individual is deceived and does not know what is happening or what has happened, and other times it is self-deception (also known as denial), but broadly, the lack of truth in a situation is a core part of the barrier between them and a vibrant life.

Once the truth is on the table, there is usually a huge barrier of fear. It may be fear of reprisal, fear of God, fear of being overwhelmed, or fear of the shame of what needs to be faced but fear in its million forms is a constant nemesis in the healing pilgrimage.

Clearly the therapists’ two primary tools will be prayer and their own reasoning with the client, but we can help tip the scales away from powerlessness by blessing the land in a sustained manner with a facet of the nature of God that is the opposite of the obstacles. This will enhance the effectiveness of the therapist.

So for our hypothetical therapist’s office, let’s begin with the deception issue. Clearly the opposite of this is a spirit of truth. We will have him or her bless the land at the beginning and end of each day with verses from Scripture dealing with truth. Doing this every day for a year will make this office a place where truth comes to the surface more easily than in other places.

I begin with my beloved computer concordance. Up pops a list of verses with the word “truth.” I scan them and one jumps out as the superb beginning verse.

Psalm 31:5 “…redeem me, O Lord, the God of Truth.”

I turn the verse into a prayer and a blessing. I begin by talking to God, proclaiming my view of His essence, then I shift and speak to the land directly.

“Father, I find so much comfort and courage in the fact that You are the God of Truth. Not only do You not lie, but You have all truth in You. There is an endless supply of truth in Your very essence.

“I live in a world of half truths, no truth, hidden truths. My life is defined by my inadequate grasp on truth. It could not do this job without Your partnership since You have all truth.

“Now Father, it is my responsibility and my immense privilege to enthrone my King, Jesus the Christ on the land you have given me to steward.

“Therefore (speaking to the land now), I welcome the King of Truth into this office. I proclaim that He is my King and it is right and proper for Him to reign here and be established on the land. I bless this land and this office with being permeated by the immensity of His presence and the truth that He is. May all deception be driven from the land. Let the defining characteristic of this land be a deep imprint of the truth of God manifesting in every way, because I have enthroned the King of Truth here today.”

OK. That is a good beginning. Now on day two, you hit the verse list again.

This is too easy. Psalm 40:11 says, “…may your love and your truth always protect me.”

People hide from truth because they are terrified of the truth hurting them. This is a deception. A core deception. So we can blast away at that lie with this prayer.

“Father, I proclaim the truth, based on the many years of my experience with You and mankind, that as painful as the truth can be in the short run, it is only painful, not destructive. I KNOW that Your truth is a powerful protective mechanism that will help every single person that comes into my life.

“So land, I bless you with a deep imprint of the foundational truth that all truth from God will protect, not hurt the people who are here. I bring the witness of the Word of God and the witness of my own life story and the witness of all of the people who have found healing here in this room. I present these three witnesses to the fact that truth is good, it protects, and thus is a treasure.

“I bless you, land, with absorbing the great truth that it is a good thing for each of us to find truth, since it will protect us.”

Day three, we are back to the verse list. Psalm 51:6 is part of David’s penitent psalm after the big sin. “Surely you desire truth in the inner parts…”

“Father, I so know the game of someone who gets enough truth to reduce the pain in their life but they don’t want to go to the core to face the lies that are still left. I violently rage against that insanity and proclaim into the heavens and into this land that THIS IS NOT YOUR WILL.

“Land, I proclaim to you that God’s deep passion is for truth to penetrate to the absolute inner most recesses of a person’s spirit, to bring light and life to every dark place. I bless you, land, with absorbing this truth about the will of God and making it such a strong part of the truth climate in this room that people will crave finding and rooting out every deception in their lives.”

There are 214 verses about truth that popped up in my concordance. There are at least 100 of them that can be easily crafted into land blessings. That will take you through the first three months of blessing the land.

You may wish to go back over that list a second time because you will grow immensely in your understanding of truth by doing this, and consequently you will speak bigger and more pointed blessings the second time around. But even so, you will exhaust the list sooner or later. At that point in time, you need to go to stories from Scripture and identify the lie and the truth. Craft prayers about the salient truths in those stories.

Take Naomi. She came back from Moab and announced a lie to the community. “God hates me and is out to get me.” Nothing could be farther from the truth since God spanked her just enough to soften up this tenacious Prophet and then He brought her home to set her free because He loved her.

You have quite a few Naomi’s in your practice. So your prayer might be something like this.

“Father, Sally Jones is coming in today. She has done a really great job of messing up her life, and the devil has done a really great job of telling her You are repulsed by the very thought of her and can’t wait to whack her one more time for what she did just yesterday.

“Father, I call heaven and earth as witnesses that her beliefs are totally contrary to the reality of Your nature as revealed in Scripture, in my life and in the lives of those I have been privileged to touch in this practice.

“Therefore, I proclaim into this land the truth that You specialize in sinners. You love Sally Jones and all the other Sallys in my practice, and Your deepest heart’s desire is for her to receive the love that You are offering her. I proclaim into this land that You are actively putting in place the social structure that will facilitate rebuilding her life, as soon as she comes to a place of truth about Your heart toward her.

“I bless you, land, with absorbing this immense truth. Although Sally has successfully alienated most of the people in her world, she is nowhere near being able to alienate God nor being able to keep the King of Truth from pursuing her, with plans to rebuild her life, not to destroy what little life she has left.

“Land, I bless you with absorbing the immensity of this truth which has been validated by the Word, my life and my work.”

The possibilities are endless. Almost every story in Scripture involves a truth that was embraced or rejected. You can bless the land daily for a year with truth-based blessings, without ever running out of options.

Then on the second year, you can address the fear issue. And the third year…

Copyright November 2010 by Arthur Burk
From the Quarterdeck, in Anaheim

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