Covenants within Contracts Prayers


Imagine this scenario.

You install an app on your phone to find auto mechanics more easily.  Eventually you discover that the app is spying on you and is selling all sorts of data about you and your car and where you go to other businesses.

Only problem is, it is not imaginary since this stuff happens all the time and we are pretty numb to the issue.

Now let’s take the same scenario and kick it up to an ugly and dangerous level.

You lease a house and sign a multipage contract with a lot of gnarly financial obligations listed in it.  What if the landlord is working for the other side and has made a deal with darkness that everyone who he leases to will automatically become part of the covenant he has with darkness.

This also is not imaginary.

In the course of life you enter into many, many contracts.  And some of them most likely have a hidden covenant inside the contract.

This teaching will show you the depths of the problem and will show you the way out as well.


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