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Here is a simple picture of a complex problem.

When I married Ann, I committed to a bunch of stuff. I married her freely, chose the things I was committing to, etc. There was no force, fraud, pressure or requirements. I did it willingly.

However, after I married her, I found out that she had a large student loan that was now my responsibility to pay off.

When I married her, I inadvertently married her commitments made prior to our marriage.

Now take it a little different direction.

I know several people whose life came unraveled on their honeymoon. As much as they hated to face the facts, that spectacular jewel they married was loaded with critters and curses, and when they married that person, they also married all the critters and curses – unknowingly.

One more.

You buy a house. After you buy the house, you find out that there are roots in the sewer line, and you are going to have to pay $7,000 to replace it and the fancy driveway it goes under.

Now the real one.

I have a paper lease with my landlord from work. It is pages and pages and pages. I talked to a real estate broker the other day and he said my landlord is legendary for being the worst of the worst in Southern California. I have been pondering what to do about the paper lease and the violations thereof by him.

While I was sitting at my desk pondering that, the Holy Spirit said, “There is a covenant hidden inside the paper contract.”

In other words, the guy is a bad boy not because he is just greedy. He apparently is in covenant with darkness, and one of the terms of his covenant with darkness is that everyone who signs a financial contract with him also – involuntarily and unknowingly – comes into submission to his particular demon and has to pay “taxes” in a variety of nasty ways.

I pondered that when the Holy Spirit shared it. The idea seemed very viable. And it matched the time line when he bought our whole complex.

I pondered other human contracts that could theoretically have covenants embedded in them without our knowledge. It seemed like a monster of a possible problem but it could also explain some people who have renounced “everything” and are still quite obviously stuck.

So, we did what we usually do – tried it out on me. Forget fancy titles like CEO. I am the CLR – Chief Lab Rat.

I called an intercessor and shared the idea. Then I prayed asking God to separate me from every covenant I did not sign up for in terms of the landlord. I did a bunch of hacking and whacking in a fairly inelegant way, since I had never walked this way before. The intercessor who was on the phone is a seer and she saw layers and layers of stuff coming off me.

Well, I am fairly casual about what seers see. You know me. Goose bumps don’t count. Give me measurable, verifiable, sustained change.

When we got off the phone, I checked e-mails and there were two e-mails that specifically addressed the problems we have been having with the landlord – without knowing that at all. They were just nudged by God, with precise timing, to let me know we were onto something. It has been three days now, and there have been at least fifteen e-mails, letters or phone calls that have all repeated the same theme.

So I am becoming a believer but not really locked in until we beta test it on YOU! If you get consistent, measurable, verifiable, sustained change, we will know we are onto something really big.

Below you will find not one, but a series of different links dealing with spiritual covenants that might be hidden inside the social, economic, political and religious contracts we enter into. Pick however many you think might apply to you.

Now, may I suggest that if you know people who have played their hearts out and are just emphatically stuck, please send them the link to this blog. There could be a lot of people who are just one more renunciation away from deep freedom. I have been shocked at how much has changed for our company in the one obdurate area due to a single prayer.

These prayers are not a cure for immaturity, lack of character or lack of skill. But they could make a difference if the enemy has slipped a chain around your neck hidden inside something that looks proper.


Copyright by Arthur Burk

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