Conflict Management Workshop



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Workshop Overview

Jesus was a master of conflict management.  This will be a high-participation workshop to explore the gospels in order to learn from the Master how He did it.

Jesus came to disrupt the existing culture on a massive scale, and to lay the foundation for a new culture, with different beliefs and values.

We will never face the level of spiritual and social challenges He did, but we can learn from His conflict management skills since they were very broad.

Since this is a dynamic skill to be mastered, not a fixed theological idea to be learned, we have structured this as an interactive workshop.  We will have four to a table, and each person attending will participate in deconstructing the roots of a conflict, then building out alternative models for managing it.

On Friday, we will work on Biblical examples in order to practice using the principles.

On Saturday, we will select some real-life issues from those who are present, and will do “live fire exercises.”

This event will NOT be recorded.


-This will be a workshop where I guide discussion, not a seminar where I lecture.

-There will be four people to a table. You can bring your own team if you wish.

-It will be a two-day event: Friday and Saturday, August 9th and 10th.

-The cost will be $250.

-There will be no recording released afterwards.

-You must complete the free e-learning course “Conflict Management” before enrolling.

You must satisfactorily complete the e-learning course, Conflict Management before July 15th, to be invited to the workshop.  Once you have completed it, we will email you to find out if you wish to come or were taking it for personal growth.  If you are coming, you will receive registration information.



-The location: The LeGrand Center, 1800 E. Marion St., Shelby, NC 28152

-The time: 9:00 to 5:00 each day, with lunch breaks for off-site eating.



-The e-learning prerequisite must be completed by July 15th to attend the August seminar.

-You must start no later than June 15th, to have time to immerse yourself in the content.

-The free e-learning class is available to anyone, in any time frame, apart from the workshop. Divider