Cleansing Prayers for Land

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1. “Father, the land I call Balmoral has been visited by humans for thousands of years. Many have done good things on that land by the people who came but others have sinned against You, their neighbor and the land. I ask, first and foremost, that You would open the record of this land, and examine man’s relationship with You. We reject and renounce every act that diminishes Your greatness. We ask You to forgive and purge the land from every act of blasphemy, all worship of gods that are no gods at all, and the far more prolific sin of simply ignoring You. Let every act of man that directly or indirectly devalued or diminished Your Majesty be brought under the cleansing work of the blood of Christ because of the word of our testimony.” October 27, 2010

2. “Father, we also confess the sins of mankind against each other’s spirits on this land. Let every act of spiritual violence or depravity between any people be brought under the blood of Christ and cleansed, including all covenants that in any way are not fully righteous and just when measured against The Righteous Law of the Universe. We reject and renounce those covenants and ask You to annul them and to cleanse the land from their impact. Where those kinds of covenants were formed, You released a curse against the land. I ask that those well deserved curses from Your throne also be sent to the cross of Christ. We further reject and renounce and ask You to destroy the power of every mechanism used to confirm and seal the covenants– words, blood sacrifices, fire, written pacts, sexual activities, ceremonies, clothes, titles, colors, sounds, numbers, fragrances and all other tools. We ask You to put all of this under the blood of Christ so there is no impact at all on the land we call Balmoral.” October 28, 2010

3. “Father I come to You today, lifting up the sins which people have committed against each other’s souls on this land I call Balmoral. Please open the books from the day the first human walked on the land to the present and identify every soul action which is not representative of Your nature. Whether it is having murder in their heart or simply the passive insult of inattentiveness, I ask You to bring every one of those actions and inactions under the blood of Christ and to cleanse this land from the stain of those actions, words and attitudes.” October 29, 2010

4. “Father, today I bring to You all of the physical violence that has been done on this land. Whether it is governmentally sanctioned war, or marauding rebels, or individual murder/abortion/suicide, human sacrifice, sexual violence, torture, torment, child abuse in any form, spousal abuse, elder abuse, abuse of workers, abusive punishment in any sector of society, destructively violent sports or any other form of sin against the human body, I reject it and ask that You would bring it under the blood of Christ. We know that the land is deeply stained by violence that is committed on it. However, we also know that the indescribable violence of the death of Christ broke the power of death. His life, death and resurrection have released immeasurable power to cleanse and sanctify land which has been defiled. So I joyously ask that all of the judgments against this land resulting from those sins, acts of rebellion and conscious iniquity would be abolished, and all of the structures and devices empowered by that violence would be destroyed, and all of the grief and anguish on the land would be assuaged by the word of my testimony and the blood of the Lamb.” October 30, 2010

5. “Father, when You created the first couple, You put them in an exquisite garden so they could steward it wisely. You knew that in the act of caring for creation, they would also find abundance of provision. I confess that mankind in general has abandoned caring for the land under the excuse of needing to extract resources from the land, and this exploitation is sin. I ask You to open the books from the day the first human walked on this land, to the present, and to cleanse the land from every sin of overt exploitation as well as the more rampant sin of neglect. Forgive humanity for not walking in stewardship on the land I call Balmoral. It is a masterpiece, crafted by Your hands, and mankind has too often shown contempt for You, the Master Craftsman, by treating the land as a personal possession to be used and exploited.” October 31, 2010

6. “Father, after the flood, You imposed moral responsibility on the animals and decreed that they would be judged for violating the boundaries You created for them (Genesis 9:5). I don’t understand this, and don’t know of anyone who teaches on the moral statutes You created for animals, but even though I don’t understand, I know it exists, and that You fully understand. Therefore, I ask that You would once again open the record in heaven beginning from the first time birds and animals migrated to this land I call Balmoral, arriving there from the vicinity of the Garden. From that point in time to the present, I ask that You would identify, forgive and cleanse all defilement on the land caused by any bird, fish, animal or bug that has violated Your law and brought defilement or woundedness to the land or environment. Thank you that the blood of Christ extends to the furthest detail of the Universal Law, and is enough to cleanse everything and anything.” November 1, 2010

7. “Father, today is a day when many Western cultures have offered homage of some sort to their forefathers or to spiritual leaders from the past. Father, we understand that honor and homage are two different things. We welcome every act of righteous honor given to those who have gone before us. However, I ask You to cleanse this land I call Balmoral of all unrighteous homage to physical or spiritual ancestors. Cleanse land, cleanse time and cleanse the spiritual lines connecting us with those who have gone before us. On this day we specifically proclaim that homage belongs only to the One Holy Triune God, Creator of Heaven and Earth. May the righteous homage of those who are living on the land today and those who have gone before us on this land fill every void that is created by inappropriate homage which is sent to the cross.” November 1, 2010

Copyright by Arthur Burk

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