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Brides' Prayers


The war on marriage is being fought on many fronts. Some are highly visible such as the pervasive sexual assaults on women. Some like the outrageous divorce rate is so old that it doesn’t even register as a hot issue most of the time.

The issue that is NOT being broadly discussed is all the godly women who have prepared themselves for marriage, are wonderful treasures and no one is valuing them.

This set of prayers is not the cure-all to this deeply complex problem, but it is a tool to take off some of the layers of the massive demonic attack against their calling to raise the bar in being a wife and a mother.

The prayers will also restore a measure of dignity for those who have been invisible in broad daylight.


Click on the links below to download the audio clip. You will be prompted to save the zipped file on your computer. Once you have saved and unzipped the file you may play it in a media player or burn it to a CD.