Blessing Intensity


Have you ever been fussed at for being too intense about anything?  Do they call you OCD because you like your house neat, or label you as “Type A personality” because you get things done?

The short version is that God designed mellow people and intense people.  And He uses both in different facets of His master plan.

This album is a series of studies of very intense people in Scripture.  We focus on the different flavors of intensity and celebrate how God used each one of those flavors to advance His Kingdom.

This album will wash away a lot of the sting of the verbal assaults on you in the past and will position you in a place of dignity going forward.

You don’t have to be what people want you to be.  You have permission to be everything God made you to be – including so intense it bothers others around you.


Click on the links below to download the audio clip.  You will be prompted to save the zipped file on your computer.  Once you have saved and unzipped the file you may play it in a media player or burn it to a CD.