Baby Blessing JOY

Imagine your child rested, fed, comfortable, and playing happily with a toy. A good thing, for sure. But the child has no experience with the big joys of life: being part of a team that wins the big one; graduating with honors; courtship and the wedding; holding their own firstborn.

We generally EXPECT a child to grow up and intuitively feel the joy commensurate with the big events. Sometimes they do. Tragically, many adults walk through big events without feeling the joy that they should.

The emotion of joy REQUIRES the brain to develop a specific area in order to generate that emotion.

Some people you know have a narrow capacity for joy – like the range of a trumpet. Others have a much wider range like a piano. Each person’s capacity for joy is based on their brain development first and the circumstances second.

And, tragically, there are those people who are broadly morose, unscathed by any joyous event happening around them.

There are no benchmarks for joy development in your pediatrician’s office, but this album provides blessings that will passively expand the joy base of your child while he or she is still quite malleable.

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