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Saul, David and the Curse

King Saul decided to pursue genocide against the Gibeonites. He thought God would like that.

He was simply wrong.

But God did nothing immediately.

David became king and eventually, God sent a three-year drought on Israel because of the genocide.

David was in the wilderness, running his guerilla operation completely detached from King Saul and his domestic policies. He was 100% innocent of all involvement in that episode.

But the curse from God was attached to the OFFICE of the king of Israel. And even though the first dynasty only lasted one generation, the curse attached to the throne and the new king’s dynasty.

The good news is, if there is a legal pathway for the curse to come on someone not directly involved in the original sin – such as birth order – then the person under the curse has legal recourse to resolve it for all future generations.

David reconciled the nation and the throne to God. And one person can break the second-born curse off the future generations.

A good deal!

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Sapphire Search Engine

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The Video Library

The video teachings are single ideas, big enough to matter, but not big enough to be a whole teaching album.

Most of them involve deliverance prayer in the context of Holy Communion.

Here are two teachings that could help second-born people in your practice to get back in the game with vigor.

Freedom Part 4: Injustice at Work

Got Predators?

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The Sapphire Blessings App


The app is a library of short, focused tools for deliverance and inner healing. It is fully indexed through the search engine. There are currently over 500 topics covered. The cost is $3.99 a month.

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