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Spiritual Portals in the Body

Looking at the dynamics of the human body through the grid of the redemptive gifts, has given us some exciting insights into how our body was designed to thrive.

The statement, “The Prophet gives light, the Giver gives life and the Mercy brings alignment” has been valuable for some time, in terms of the spirit and soul.  Now we are beginning to gain an understanding of how that trio is expressed in the body as well.

This teaching is a clear and firm pushback to the sundry Eastern presentations of portals.  Where there is a counterfeit, there must be an original.

We have explored this topic slowly and cautiously; we have sundry hypotheses still in the “lab” about additional portals.  For now, the sequence of these three portals, energized by the light of God, not by humanism or occult energy, has been empowering for believers from a broad cross section of the Body of Christ.

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