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Alien Human Spirit


Jesus cast out demons and “unclean spirits.” This teaching introduces you to diagnostic skills and eviction techniques for those other spirits.

This is a six CD set.

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Deliverance was simple back in the 80s. Everything stemmed from bitterness so we forgave everyone and everything until our forgiver was plumb worn out.

Our naiveté took a big hit when we discovered that it wasn’t just bitterness but any sort of sin that could open the door to demons. Then it was sin, rebellion and iniquity each of which had to be dealt with as a distinct class.

Today we look at sin, demons, curses, covenants, demonic devices, defilement on time, land, and our names, trauma bonds to time, portions of our spirit in the dimensions, and D.I.D., etc. Yet after developing hundreds of techniques for endless facets of the above dynamics, the harsh reality is that some of the people we minister to don’t get freedom even though they try as hard as anyone else to jump through the designated hoops.

This teaching album explores another kind of defilement – a volitional creature that is distinct from a demon. Many different practitioners have bumped up against these spirits and there are sundry theories and ideas out there about what these might be. I have created a grid to begin to understand the spiritual and physical dynamics of the problem.

This is a vintage Sapphire teaching. It is not the final word on the subject. Rather, it is an attempt to bring this issue out of the shadows into the living room so we can have a robust discussion in the Body of Christ about how to go forward.

I share my journey over the last ten years as I went from denial that this could be possible, to a grudging acknowledgement that it must be, to some level of competence in recognizing the symptoms of this other kind of spirit.

There are many practitioners who have bumped up against these creatures without quite having a frame of reference for what they are and how we deal with them. By sharing my observations and the stories of freedom for different people, it will give us a beginning place for enlarging our collective understanding of the dynamic.

What is particularly fascinating to me is that this breed of spirit is highly involved in physical malfunction. When symptomology does not fit the standard medical profile, and when medical treatment does not result in good health, and when healing prayers go nowhere, it is a clue that you might be dealing with this genre of spirit.

So jump in and explore. I guarantee that this will stretch your theology. I also guarantee that this is not the last word on the subject, only the first.

This album was released in 2013.

This is a six CD set.


Surprise After Surprise

This set introduced me to SLG and Arthur. A friend in conversation had given me a Cliffs Notes version which I immediately tried on myself and was shocked when it not only worked but I heard the AHS’ as they were leaving! I immediately ordered the CDs.
Before I even finished listening to the set just talking about what I was learning in social settings would cause them to manifest much to my surprise. Then I had to deal with them!
This has now become an integral part of my ministry and practice! Surprise, surprise!

Great practical follow-up to previous album

This album really helps with showing how AHS work can be done in a couple of real life practical settings. Really helped me to establish a platform to build upon when dealing with my own AHS's from a whole different angle, and has helped many others in my Church. Would recommend listening to first two albums first if you are unfamiliar with the Biblical concept and Jesus's angle for dealing with AHS's.

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This was the key

Pain has driven me to seek answers, and God has been amazing to reveal many tools and modalities instrumental in restoring peace and perspective. But of all of the amazing tools I employed to help my friend survive and get through a life and death struggle with his body, soul, and spirit, the AHS teaching was the key. My friend is alive, an overcomer precisely because he learned how to assert himself and kick those things out!

I’ve encountered AHSes when ministering to others, and they simply don’t respond in the same ways that other entities do.

So thank you, Arthur, for your courage in stepping forward on a topic that is not well understood or appreciated at all!

I wish everyone who fears this topic would relax and glean the treasure in here. There are certainly Bible precedents for bodies and spirits going their separate ways, and I’d really rather everything went where it was supposed to go in Jesus’ name!

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Hats off...

Sandy Landry and I worked through this album together, and the one that follows it.

This album, of all of the SLG teachings was the one I understood intuitively the fastest.

You know, Arthur made a comment on this album on Disc 1, Cut 1, at about 5:30. He said:

"So for those of you that are purists and require only the finest and the best of theology, I recommend you shut this CD off and run for the hills."

I vehemently disagree with his assessment of what he has produced.

By training and education, I am a theologian. I have a niche anointing and earned authority in the area of theology, and I am not just talking because I went to seminary.

I have read a lot and studied a lot and digested a whole lot.

The problem with most theology is that it does not answer or even bother to wrestle with the "so what?" question, especially as it pertains to present day Monday morning work.

This set and the two that follow it are honestly, in my estimation, some of the finest in theology precisely because they provide a new paradigm designed to address the lack of liberation prevalent in the body of Christ.

Now, do they answer every question pertaining to the concept of AHS/unclean spirits? No.

But do they attempt to work with some considerations that may be missing from our modalities of deliverance? YES!

And theology is not theology unless someone first has the guts to pose a question, and then WRESTLE with that question in order to answer it.

Arthur, you accomplish effective theology in short order, and yours is some of the finest attempts at wrestling with the texts while being sober in the assertion your material is not a silver bullet.

On one hand, we need fewer silver bullet showmen. On the other hand, we nee more hunting skillful theologians that "tremble without excellent speech" and who dance the waltz between principle, revelation, and "a demonstration of the Spirit's power" (1 Corinthians 2:3-5).

Arthur here does just that. And he takes us from the place where we think everything is alright, to the place where we are forced to acknowledge and refuse our own denial that something else might be to blame for what really is wrong with us, and he does not back down from explaining a very plausible theory for what might the the cause, and then presents a possible solution, nay, a series of solutions for the problems that plague us with respect to things that defile our essence.

And in this series, Arthur verbatim encourages people to work in self-deliverance as much as possible. It is so blasted refreshing to hear someone who understands deliverance modalities exhort the body that it is okay for us to do it ourselves rather than rely on his or her unique covering in order to get free.

It is refreshing that Arthur resists the siren song that encourages us to embrace a welfare spirit that says we cannot do it ourselves, but constantly need someone to fix us or pray deliverance over us.

I had a vanishing twin and survivor guilt, and working through that on my own, I was able to rid myself of some things that were creating defilements in my very essence.

And I want the same for the rest of my friends and family.

This journey is about your essence, and not you trying to live vicariously for others, nor is it about someone else trying to live vicariously through you.

So, consider yourself warned, this will jostle your theology if you are used to having a safe and secure theology that isn't messed with, but it really will give you a solid exposition on how we are supposed to look at some different packages of critters that are out of the ordinary and can afflict us.

Get the album. You will not regret it.

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Great Tool

It's excellent information and much needed. I've applied this and found much freedom on things that I couldn't with other methods. Thank you Arthur for teaching on another topic that is groundbreaking and life changing!

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Alien Human Spirit

Alien Human Spirit

Jesus cast out demons and “unclean spirits.” This teaching introduces you to diagnostic skills and eviction techniques for those other spirits.

This is a six CD set.

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