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Report on the Bible Study Intensive

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  • Love the new look
    By : Neridda Leen On November 16th 2018

    Hi. It has taken me a little while to make it over to the new blog, but now that I have, I would like to say it looks great! So nice to have a consistent look across the whole website. As a lover of excellence in details, I especially love the taglines at the bottom. So fun to click on a new page of the website and discover a new footnote. Such wit and wisdom. Vintage prophet.
    Blessings on the new season.

  • Bible Study Repoert
    By : Carol Brown On October 25th 2018

    It might also be worth considering that maybe you had the wrong objective! Might you have been successful in achieving God's objective? Reframe or refine the objective?

  • Bible Study Intensive
    By : Cynthia Harris On October 25th 2018

    Would you be willing to language for us the original objective?
    That's a very poetic review, kind of like some of the Psalms, a litany.
    Would love to track with what your heart was for the real objective.

    Replied by : Arthur Burk Yep. A follow up blog is written and will be posted in a day or two when it wends its way through the process.

  • Bible study Intensive
    By : Daphne Kwan On October 25th 2018

    I echo with Gordon Haggerty. It's wonderful to see lives being refreshed, restored & renewed. It's about God's Word coming alive in people's lives. A needed beginning?

  • Bible Study Intensive Report
    By : Gordon Haggerty On October 25th 2018

    I was greatly encouraged reading your report on the Bible Study Intensive. It seems to me that God has a lot more in mind for the process you’ve engaged, and at this point the journey may be more important than the goal. But it’s my sense that the treasure will be much greater than anticipated once the goal is reached. I applaude you and the participants fo taking this on and not letting the enemy deter you.
    Rooting for you from my corner here in Seattle....