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01. Blessing Your Brain



We are recording this seminar, so watch the newsletter for details.

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We will be recording the seminar, so watch the newsletter for details!

We are spirit, soul and body. Inner healing has long focused primarily on the soul, especially the emotions. Then it was expanded to address the mind as well. More recently attention has been given to healing the spirit, and ultimately, dealing with body memories.

The last frontier (that we can see now, anyway) is healing the brain. If your mind is healed, but your brain is not, it is like having good software trying to run on a bad computer.

This seminar is very new revelation about healing the brain, so it can keep pace with healing of the soul and spirit. This is not a silver bullet that will allow you to do without the inner healing process. It is an additional tool that will significantly enhance the work you have done.

For those who are stuck in their journey, it sometimes will open new pathways for their healing.

There will be only modest teaching and Q & A. Mostly it will be active blessings. Arthur will approach individuals whom the Holy Spirit directs him to, to ask if they are willing to receive a specific blessing, then he will speak this healing prayer directly to that one person, although everyone in the room is welcome to receive the prayer.

If you are planning to take notes, please bring paper and pen. We will not allow the clatter of keyboard typing during the prayers. You would be best off just absorbing them in the moment, and save your notes for listening to the album afterwards.

Most of our teachings are a step forward. This one is a giant lurch forward. The degree of transformation we have seen is unprecedented.

Our passion is to see complete healing for survivors, in spirit, soul and body in five minutes’ time. We are not there yet, but are certainly a step closer with this new tool.

Seminar Details:

Saturday, March 9, 2019

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Comenius School
8160 Regent Parkway
Fort Mill, SC 29715


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01. Blessing Your Brain

01. Blessing Your Brain


We are recording this seminar, so watch the newsletter for details.

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