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Deliverance from Mental Turmoil and Blockages Download View larger

Deliverance from Mental Turmoil & Blockages Download


This album provides teaching and deliverance prayer regarding the Queen of Heaven, who exacerbates the feeling of abandonment, and about the Antichrist spirit.

This is a downloadable bilingual album of four CDs.

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Imagine this scenario.  You are asked to bless your niece at her 13th birthday party.  You agree.  You prepare.  You deliver.  And you botch the delivery a little bit.

You are embarrassed.  Your friends tell you it was an amazing blessing.  No one mentions the blooper.  You hear all their words, you know your niece and her parents were all crying from the intensity of the presence of God while you were blessing.

BUT . . . you go home and struggle emotionally for days over the situation, as you hear statements about how dumb you are, how inept, how no one will ever trust you again, how your relationship with your niece is forever damaged, etc.

You counter the lies with truth.  It is useless.  They come and come and come and come.

We call this demonic assault the Queen of Heaven.  This album teaches on the background AND offers an extensive deliverance prayer.  It has been highly effective in many people’s lives.

Then there is the Antichrist spirit which is about devouring.  It tries to kill your physical life, shatter your social relationships, devour your finances and isolate you from the love of God.

Again, the album provides teaching on the background, as well as an extensive deliverance prayer.

All of this was set in the background of the Land Dynamics seminar in Innsbruck, Austria, in 2019.

The specific focus was on two leylines in the city carrying those two demonic entities.  You will learn much about city reaching dynamics in this album, as well as the specific application to your own life.

This album is in English with German translation.

This album was released in 2019.

This is a downloadable album of four CDs.



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they can't change our essence

Deliverance from Mental Turmoil

This album has much more application beyond what the title indicates. One may or may not feel like they’re in “mental turmoil,” as the title indicates, yet we encounter both the entities and the effects of deception, death and destruction in life in several different ways, whether blatantly or subtly, occasionally or intensely relentless.

Personally, this album was a tremendous point of convergence in my long-standing, very intimate experience with someone with NPD (a personality disorder that creates a horrifically evil “perfect storm” for the Significant Other and other recipients), as it deals with the “unholy dynamic duo” of deception and destruction and their governing spiritual entities called the Queen of Heaven and the Antichrist spirit. It’s like the light bulb went on, naming what I had been assaulted with for so long.

I immensely appreciate this album’s detailed teaching, derived from Scripture as Arthur Burk traditionally does but in non-traditional ways, including how these entities work, different forms of death, strategies to identify and eradicate them, as well as thorough prayers for deliverance from these insidious entities and their effects.

As with SLG’s other albums, I am getting more each time I listen to this album, as the Lord leads in His perfect way and time. The latest gem I am currently bathing in, even though it seems cliché for believers to call the devil “a liar,” is this reverberating line that the Lord is using like a master surgeon’s lifegiving tool of perfect precision:

“Lies can change our behavior if we believe them, but they can’t change our essence.”

Oh, essence…. THAT… what cannot be destroyed, no matter how twisted or relentless these enemies try in various ways. This album is an equally relentless assault against those very enemies, an invaluable tool that, in my opinion, every person needs. I am so grateful for this teaching, which brought things together for me with sweet accord, and for the powerful deliverance prayers.

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Deliverance from Mental Turmoil & Blockages Download

Deliverance from Mental Turmoil & Blockages Download

This album provides teaching and deliverance prayer regarding the Queen of Heaven, who exacerbates the feeling of abandonment, and about the Antichrist spirit.

This is a downloadable bilingual album of four CDs.

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