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Deliverance for Children Download


Children need deliverance too but they can’t engage in the adult processes. These prayers will wash their spirit, soul and body gently while they sleep.

This is a downloadable album of 26 tracks.

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Adult deliverance processes can be complex and are usually highly interactive. At times, the process is so ugly that the client is traumatized by the process of getting free. This is not something we want for our children.

Arthur has crafted a series of prayers, covering a multitude of common and esoteric deliverance issues. The tone of voice is mellow and conversational. The language is suited for an elementary level child. He uses a great number of euphemisms and metaphors. The children will not understand all of the references but the spiritual realm certainly will.

We envision parents playing these on an mp3 player during the night while the child sleeps. No active engagement by the child is needed. Play them for a month or two, quietly, in the background and watch to see what changes.

Below are the topics covered. If you have issues with any of them, you can simply delete that track and only play the ones that you think are pertinent to your child.

Further, if there is an episode later on where you suspect there was defilement, you can extract the tracts that are relevant and use just those to help cleanse.

This product is only available as a download.

1)            Introduction

                Explaining deliverance being like taking a shower. A time of cleaning up spirit and soul.

2)            The Window of Transition

                The process whereby the human spirit came from eternity into time is sometimes defiled.


3)            Conception

                There are dynamics of conception that can be cleansed after the fact.


4)            Aligning Time

                The time line is supposed to be anchored at the spring of conception.


5)            Engaging with Land

                Psalm 87 indicates that the land we are conceived on has implications for our spiritual journey.


6)            Words

                What is said to and about the child from conception, through labor and delivery, into the engagement with the home community has huge implications.


7)            Frequency

                Every cell of our body has a right frequency. Our bodies are bombarded by electrical frequencies in the culture, but it is the spiritual frequencies that matter the most.


 8)            Cell Division

                 The first two divisions are hugely significant in the spiritual realm.


 9)            Boundaries

                 Scripture is replete with God’s passion over boundaries and some significant physical illness is merely a boundary issue.


 10)         The Tissue

                 The three layers are the basis for everything else that is formed in the body and the germ layers expresses the fractal of three.


 11)         Spinal Column

                This is one of the first portions of the body to differentiate after the germ layers are formed.  Thus, it is the firstfruits of the body, and is massively spiritual.


 12)          Fractal of Two

                  From the cellular level to the brain laterality of the child, the fractal of two is everywhere in the body, and is the very first thing the devil succeeded in breaking in  the   Garden.


13)          Fractal of Three

                This is grounded in the Trinity and is expressed in many ways in the body.


14)          The Endocrine System

                 This is an intense expression of the fractal of seven. Its distortion in the generations will affect the development of the baby in the womb.


 15)          The Skeletal System

                  Special attention is given to the sphenoid in the skull and to the flat bones that produce most of the red blood cells.


16)            Birth

                   Much can happen in this transition that leaves permanent consequences for a child, if not addressed.


 17)          Covenants

                 Generational covenants are a source of a great deal of evil in our lives, as are secret covenants within contracts.


 18)          Alien Human Spirits

                  Engaging with random AHS, as well as those from the hospital, and any vanishing twin.


 19)          Demons

                 There are generational issues here as well as stuff from the course of life that can be lifted off gently.


 20)          Leviathan

                 I have yet to find an adult who does not have some Leviathan issues. Children will grow up with more peace, when this spirit is not distorting them.


 21)          Nephilim

                 Whether this is present or not, there is no harm in taking a swipe at it.


 22)          Structures

                 Spiritual structures can distort the growth pattern and hamper a child’s spiritual connection with God.


 23)          Seat of Dominion

                 The human spirit is supposed to be established in the Seat of Dominion, in the medial prefrontal cortex. Many times there has been generational defilement or distortion of that spot.


24)          Intimacy with God

                The Shadow of Death is an entity that seeks to block our connection with God. This can be removed before a child has the damage to his identity of trying to connect with God and not being able to.


 25)          Discernment

                 Everyone is born with discernment but the culture normally drives it out of the child by the age of five. This is a cleanup of false discernment and a release of the genuine gift of God.


 26)          Blessing of Time and Space

                 Each child was inserted into the stream of world history with divine intent.

This album was released in 2018. 

This is a downloadable album of 26 tracks.



A Must Have

I bought this for my children, and as I always do, I listened to it before they did. WOW! It is so powerful. My children 'listen' to it while they sleep, so they don't know exactly what is being said, but they ask for it every night. My daughter sleep walks, or should I say did sleep walk. Since this has been playing, that has gone away. My son has told me that he loves Arthur's soothing voice, and they request this to be played while they sleep every night. Obviously it's resonating with their spirits, and doing a LOT of good. Wonderful!

For the entire family

I am currently doing deliverance as part of ministry. I was a youth pastor for 6 years and currently starting a church. I read Derek Prince and others and learned more through experience. I have 2 small children a 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl. The boy is more fussy and cries more when ever it's time to go to bed. We walk him through inner healing and have him go through renouncing any spirits and that helps him go back to bed and the next night it happens again. I've done generational curse brekaing and curse breaking etc. I just wasn't finding consistent long term break through. I have even fasted for 20 days. My son would usually go into a night terror fit when traveling or after having a bad day and getting disciplined. His fits would encompass him waking up crying and angry and not responding to any kind of speech. This could last 1 - 2 hours or 15 minutes several times in a night. I felt powerless against this and knew it was a spiritual battle but with all my tools on the table there wasn't much fruit. When my son was 2 weeks old he had a tongue tie surgery and since he was 2 weeks old there was no anesthesia and it was done with a laser. He was not held by us during the surgery and we feel this traumatic event coupled with his extra long delivery was the root of his trauma. Since he was also the first there may have been resentment and doubt about his presence as we where happy and planning a child but my wife just got a job and had to quit.

I started to play the deliverance for children audio during the day and then at night for bed. We noticed a dramatic difference. One night he woke up throwing a fit again and by the time i got out of bed to his bed to comfort him my son fell back asleep. We played it in the room where we all sleep and my and I both had vivid dreams referencing deliverance or spiritual work at hand. I had a dream of battling demons and visiting places of learning. My wife had a dream of removing lots of bugs from her shoes which we believe is deliverance.

We play it on a loop so the prayers just repeat over and over until we stop the audio. There has been a dramatic positive change in my son and ourselves since we have been playing the prayers. We pray in agreement before we start the prayers and ask Jesus to do deliverance and healing over everyone present. Since it's been so effective in just the last 5 nights we gladly play the prayers everynight and plan on doing so for at least one month. I am also studying the audio as i have learned more deliverance tools from this prayer.

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Not just for children

I have been playing this for about a week now at night in my bedroom. My husband has no idea. I met my husband when I was about 12 years old. There has been a call of God on his life that he has run from for most of his life. About 3 years ago we got married. I have prayed for him diligently over the years. I have suspected that there was some demonic oppressions hanging over him. I felt a bit stuck on how I could help. We both are pastors kids but my husband has struggled with addictions, anger and self hatred. It is only a week in and I can tell an absolute shift. HIs anger is far less intense. The disagreements that we have gotten into are not drawn out to the silent treatment for 2 days but resolved in about a 1 hour time period. I am not saying this cd has brought total deliverance to my husband but it sure has moved some junk out of the way that my prayers alone couldn't budge. It has brought me hope that with the stuff I couldn't budge being gone, now I can do my part and continue to pray for total freedom for my husband. I told him last night, you seem to be more willing to work things out quicker and I feel like we are communicating much better. I asked him if he agreed and why he thought that was. He said he did agree and he said, I feel like God is doing something inside of me. There is no doubt in my mind the cds are powerful. Not just for my husband either, for me too. I took it to work to listen to before I played it at night and I was brought to tears with the section on The Window of Transition. It is powerful. I had my mom listen to them as well and she was brought to tears with that one as well. I honestly think every single person could benefit from this cd. Thank you Arthur for being who God made you to be!

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Work In Progress

I bought the album a little over a month ago and have not played it every night for my boys perhaps 3-4 times a week. But it has had an impact on my boys - but will only be able to report later in terms of sustainable change.

This album was released on the day I really had no more answers for my eldest son - it was his 1st visit with a psychologist - who also has no answers for me. So I'm really just trusting Jesus right now. This tool landed at the right time.

One Sunday night after my boys got home from their dad for the weekend, my youngest lay crying because he had such an insane headache/migraine and landed up vomiting before he settled. (This was maybe 3 weeks into playing the album)
Usually our 1st few days of having them come home from a weekend from their dad is dealing with all the junk they've watched or played over the weekend that gives them nightmares and keeps them from their sleep. Now we get to deal with it quicker - albeit - the migraine and loss of sleep was not quite what I had expected or wanted for my boy. But I allowed it to take it's course and get out.

He has been quite angry but something has opened up in order for us to talk about the divorce more openly. His anger is still there but we can communicate about the divorce - something we haven't been able to for 4 years.

My eldest is special needs and he has had one tough year but one night last week they asked if I could put a movie on my laptop on for them. I said I had no movies on my laptop and my eldest asked if I could put the one on 'With the shower of Jesus'. My son has reported that Jesus has healed his head during the night and again on other occasions (I'm not sure what parts of his head - he has dyspraxia and is on medication and pulling out his hair). The hair pulling is not as constant anymore.
He also isn't picking at his skin as much anymore and I don't have to keep hearing about 'red ants' on his skin. It has shifted to constantly praying for the skin on his fingers - but that's OK. He's asking for prayer all the time. He's knowing prayer has power and that's good. It was even as though my son's heart was hardened and he wasn't interested in prayer for months!

What I have noticed is that where the medication caused him to no longer screech/scream or use high pitched whining - this has returned. Somehow I welcome this - although not ideal - it's kinda like having my boy back again.

Where he once loved to worship - with all that has happened this year even that took a major knock. This has slowly started coming back and this morning not only did he worship but he had joy during worship.

My eldest has been stuck in a rut constantly talking about the SAME thing (usually a T-Rex or scorpion) REPEATEDLY. From last week he has started speaking about DIFFERENT things Repeatedly. (What a welcomed change!)

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Powerful Release for PERSONS of Any Age!

Working closely with babies in the womb, infants, children and families and being well-versed in deliverance and healing for over two decades, I immediately knew that Arthur's Deliverance for Children would hit the ball out of the park. We ordered it for our family, asked the Father to take Arthur's deliverance leadership for us back in time (even though 2 adults were in the mix!) and bring it forward to the present time. He did! It works.

We have substantial experience in deliverance and have used a variety of tools and methods, and as led by the Holy Spirit. However, Arthur employed many nuances that were so beneficial, covering issues we were aware that were there, but had not been able to get to the root of. Again, he not only got to the root, but pulled them out, personally, generationally, and in the spiritual regions.

Many dreams have occurred as we've been listening overnight that are pinpointed to specific prayer sections on the album. Additionally, we are waking up energized and with a "fresh" feeling as our spirits are released, washed, and aligned.

I highly recommend this album for: 1. anyone wanting a child 2. expecting a child 3. having any child of any age 4. who is a person, having once been a child him/herself.

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Wonderful Cleanup

I have listened to this teaching twice so far, once awake and once asleep. While children may be the target I would suggest this for everyone womb to tomb. We all want to be clean. The prayers offered up on behalf of the listener use many easy to understand word pictures spoken in a gentle, friendly tone. I experienced two changes that I’m aware of...I have a distinct sense of being pulled into right alignment both spiritual and physical. Second, it’s as if sunglasses were removed from my eyes allowing me to “gather more light”. As I was celebrating this, the Holy Spirit interjected with an image of my beloved state of Michigan flag. Our state motto is “If you seek a pleasant Peninsula, LOOK around you”. I know there is more, so much more. I will continue listening nightly on an MP3 with earbuds. I highly recommend this teaching.

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As an elder, a gran with no great-grands on the horizon, I listened to the first three tracks immediately. As claimed, the tone and words are so gentle! My picture to share is an iron fist within a super soft glove, The language is simple and suitable, with the gentle delivery, but the power punch of authority wwith truth is there! Pow!
Something shifted for me so gently and no fuss!
Now I need to learn how to transfer to MP3 player! For ME!
What an investment! And I'm already contacting a family with fostered children that are looking for further deliverance and healing for their precious charges!
Thoroughly recommending... and not just for the littlies!
~Nana Joan~

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Immediate affect

We bought DFC for our 4 year old son and 2 year old daughter yesterday, and played it for them last night. While our daughter didn't stay in her bed all night, our son woke up in the morning saying there was a monster (demon) that was leaving. Long story short, it was a powerful one that masqueraded as a friend, and was pretending to be turned good. Our son said Jesus scared the monster away, but he wanted the monster back. We told him that the monster was bad, even if he pretended to be good, and the monster needed to go away. He was very sad about this because the 'monster was funny and helped me to be funny'. We said Jesus was much more fun, and why not welcome him in? He could not pray for that. We prayed for the spirit of unbelief to come out, and then he was able to welcome Jesus in. Immediately he was full of joy (I'm so full of joy!" and jumped around on the bed.

  • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

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Deliverance for Children Download

Deliverance for Children Download

Children need deliverance too but they can’t engage in the adult processes. These prayers will wash their spirit, soul and body gently while they sleep.

This is a downloadable album of 26 tracks.

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