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An Epic Season


Arthur has a different view of the COVID-19 crisis AND how we should respond.  This album is packed with Scripture to focus tightly on a strategic response.

This is a downloadable album of four CDs.

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A 21-year-old friend of mine came down with a rash. Sixty-one days later, he was dead. He died of lupus. Males are not supposed to be able to get lupus!

Failure to diagnose the problem correctly in time, caused fatal damage to his kidneys.

The same is true of the pandemic. Vast attention has been paid to the disease. What if that is not the real issue? If there is a different problem underlying this, then solving the disease will not solve the problem.

This album is Arthur’s sober, deeply Biblical elder’s perspective of the source of the problem, the course of the problem, and the strategy for addressing it.

This is not conspiracy theory. This is not prophetic insight. This is a tightly reasoned package of Biblical principles.

God has been carefully preparing the Body of Christ for this specific moment. It is quintessentially a Mercy season strategy that will allow us to rise above the noise and make a difference.

While the world is measuring all the potential ways for disaster to increase, our belief is that this could well be the church’s finest hour.

IF we diagnose the problem correctly and aggressively apply appropriate counter measures.

This album was recorded in 2020.  

This is a downloadable album of four CDs.



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Epic Album!

I have no words for my stunning awe for this album. I´ve never heard something so deep and so world changing like this what I heard on these four CDs. It´s about a way through the biggest crisis in our world, about a new way of thinking, a totally new approach to deal with this situation we´re all in.
It´s Arthur´s most personal album. It´s about his deepest passion. And it´s about me - being equipped to step into his boots and find a way in my personal environment.
Even though Arthur says that he is no cheerleader, I feel deeply encouraged to mine my own journey, find the treasures that God has put into me and find a way through the nowadays jungle of everyday life. Thank you so, so much! I am more than blessed!

Ich finde keine angemessenen Worte für mein Staunen und die Ehrfurcht, die dieses Album in mir geweckt hat. Ich habe das Gefühl, noch nie zuvor etwas so Tiefes gehört zu haben, was weltveränderndes Potenzial in sich trägt. Es geht darum, einen Pfad ins Unterholz der größten Krise aller Zeiten zu schlagen. Es geht um ein neues Denken und einen völlig neuen Ansatz für den Umgang mit der Situation, in der wir alle stecken.
Es ist wohl Arthur´s persönlichstes Album. Hier spricht er über seine tiefsten Leidenschaften. Und es geht auch um mich, die ich Schritte in seinen Stiefeln wage, um einen Weg in meinem persönlichen Umfeld zu finden. Auch wenn Arthur sagt, dass er Cheerleader, kein Ermutiger für andere ist, so fühle ich mich dennoch zutiefst dazu ermutigt, die Schätze aus meiner eigenen Reise auszugraben, die Gott in mich hineingelegt hat, sodass ich den Weg durch den Dschungel der heutigen Zeit ausfindig machen kann. Danke, vielen Dank, Arthur, ich bin dadurch mehr als gesegnet!

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Envoy of Hope

Snared by the swell of fear, swamped by waves of panic, the world seems to be spinning out of control. As Noble Subjects of the Great King, we’ve resisted the riptide and kept our heads in the turmoil, but still there’s a feeling of being lost at sea.

Until now.

For those who long to be doers of the Word not hearers only, this teaching slices through the mayhem like an envoy of hope, distributing perspective and drawing us out of petty disputes.

This is not an exposition on the malfunction of humanity, which has brought us to this season. It’s a blueprint detailing the steps to build your own seafaring craft with the resources at hand to triumphantly sail through the storm.

On a personal note, the tools outlined here in have empowered me to find my place of deep fulfillment where principle and power meet. But sweeter by far is the way I’ve been drawn ever closer to the King’s side where I’m enjoying the thrill of riding on the cutting edge with Him into this Epic Season.

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A profound and empowering, "must have" teaching in this turbulen

"Will the cultural forces define our future or will we partner with God to change the storyline?"
This is the question at hand!

Arthur's teaching is both profound and empowering at a time when our culture, medical, social and political arenas seem to be spiraling out of control.
He provides an excellent "snapshot" of the struggles and forces at hand-- presenting a framework on how we can position ourselves to serve God powerfully during a time of national judgment.
Arthur poses questions for us to ponder, and strategies for leveraging the resources deposited in us for this turbulent time.
I wholeheartedly recommend this teaching-- and if you decide to listen to it:

May your knowledge of God be expanded
May you continue to delight in every display of God's power.
May you discover new principles within the depth of your journey
May you seek and find "new colors" of God's wisdom
And may God meet you in power as you apply the principles "incarnated" in your journey-- to go out and be dangerous for our King!

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An Epic Message

“The world we knew before 2020 is forever gone. The world five years from now is a mystery. The question on the table is whether the cultural forces will define our future or whether we will partner with God to change the story line” (Arthur Burk). On the surface, this introduction sounds tailored to a specific time period, and mentally intriguing. It is.

But it’s more, as the entire album is an epic message about an epic time in human history that somehow reverberates timelessly, of which we have the utterly awesome opportunity to be a part in the here-and-now for ETERNAL impact.

This is a glorious “wow!” message in the midst of what has largely been labelled a dark “oh, no!” moment. In this unique, thoroughly usable and invigorating album, the theme centers around the fact that this season is not about a pandemic but rather God’s breaking the grip of humanism in society and in the Church compromised by it and cheap religion.

On this premise, Arthur Burk shines a pristine perspective offering encouragement, ignition, and hope through the lens of principles centered around our individual design and God’s superior plans and wisdom, guiding those who will follow into leveraging our entire life -- yes, every bit of our God-tailored journeys -- for dominion, if we will, with our forward-moving God forging gloriously onward.

I’m deeply stirred by Arthur’s empowering, blatantly-languaged premise that my entire life has been preparing me for such a kingdom time, and by his presentation of the reality -- the immensely “NOW!” reality -- that the “pandemic of 2020” has simply been God's vehicle for a massive lurch as He catapults His people to their place of significant influence. THIS... JUST... RINGS... TRUTH.

This whole album made every fiber of my being vibrate. Really.

The second time through, I’ll take notes. A vital, resonating, intensely practical album. Thank you, Arthur.

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The voice of an elder

We have heard a lot of talk in the last eight months, most of it has more holes than Swiss cheese. This album rises above the nonsense to bring a substantive, measured, expansive view on this season of human history. It is not about current events, it involves them. It is about the King's war with His ancient enemy.

Arthur speaks as an elder, spanning Scripture and history to give us a message of hope. It is a sobering time to be alive, BUT God has been preparing us for this, and as Arthur emphasizes again and again, it is about the journey.

This is a teaching you can sink your teeth into. It is full of practical examples from Arthur's life of how you can live NOW, live big, and mine the treasures. It's not a time to sit back and wait for it to be over - it is a time to push forward with anticipation!

The title says it all - An Epic Season.

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This is a must for everyone!

This set of teachings is a must own during this season of history! It's encouraging and such a call to action. It highlights aspects of what's going on in the world that is not being talked about and presents a set of tools we can each deploy. No matter who you are or where you come from you have an important part to play in what God is doing right now and this is a refreshing and challenging perspective on today's events. I highly recommend this for everyone. It will bless you as a whole as well as deal with the issues that are headlining today and give you a place to focus and a job to do!

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An Epic Season

An Epic Season

Arthur has a different view of the COVID-19 crisis AND how we should respond.  This album is packed with Scripture to focus tightly on a strategic response.

This is a downloadable album of four CDs.

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