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Your Spirit Coaching

So you have learned how to receive ministry to your spirit from the Holy Spirit. Good stuff. And really foundational.

But the Holy Spirit doesn’t want to do all the heavy lifting for you for the rest of your life. That is why the Spirit created wisdom – or as we know it, principles.

This class is a follow up to the foundational class and is about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead the healing process.

In it Cynthia teaches you principles that can be used for working with the human spirit, and that in and of itself, is a value beyond price.

BUT the real treasure of the course is learning how to walk WITH the Spirit while using principles.

You see, the streams of faith that revere principles become religious humanists – they have a tool kit and can make things happen.

And using the wisdom of God in a way that renders God irrelevant and unnecessary is the epitome of the religious spirit God hates.

Walking in profound dependence on the Holy Spirit, while wisely leveraging the principles from the Word is an exquisite art form.

So the class is about art.

Not science.

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