You Don’t Know Why You Are Here?

That is soooooo special!

That means either your spirit or the Holy Spirit brought you here, not your soul.

You are extra specially welcome to our tribe and to this website.

Now here is a story.

Suppose you are in a bank during a robbery. The bad guy stood very close to you and waved his pistol in your face. When the police came they were excited to know that you got a great look at the bank robber’s face, so they brought in a police artist for you to describe him.

But, you couldn’t. All you knew is that he was nine feet, 147 inches tall and the barrel of the pistol was about six inches across.

In short, you had just used up a two year supply of adrenaline in six minutes and could not possibly retrieve facts from your traumatized mind.

However, a week later, after some adrenaline burn off, you go to the police department and look through their book of mug shots, and you quite readily recognize the bum who did the deed at your bank.

This is an example of the difference between your spirit and your soul. When your soul is in good form, it can describe something well. It will tell you why you are here, what you want and the quickest way to find it on this site or one of the sister sites.

By contrast, your spirit often knows a whole lot more than your soul, but is somewhat hampered in expressing what is there. However, given half a chance, your spirit can RECOGNIZE what it cannot describe.

So if you don’t know why you are here, it probably means either God tricked you into coming, because He knows there is something special for you here, or your own spirit brought you here because it knows there is a treasure with your name on it, but it can’t quite explain it to you.

Either way, today is a good day for you.

Ask your analytical, control-oriented soul to step to the side and let the Holy Spirit and your spirit partner in a treasure hunt. Drift through the site, click wherever you get a nudge, and see where you end up.

We have blessed this site to be a wonderfully exciting place for your spirit to explore safely and discover prodigiously.

Arthur Burk
April 2015