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Worship & Warfare

Every quarter, SLG has a week of live streaming video events to share our latest discoveries about spiritual warfare. There is a time of teaching and then we model the warfare while embedding it in a Holy Communion service.

From time to time we will extract a renunciation from the video and post it here for people who would like to play it on a continuous loop for a while. This is not a substitute for listening to the whole teaching. Below the audio link is a link to the archived video. We recommend you listen to the whole teaching a couple of times so that you can understand the heart and mind of the Lord in the matter.

That is why we label this series Worship and Warfare. The objective is not primarily to set you free. The objective is to enthrone Jesus in your life in every way, which incidentally sets you free. That is why the Worship is the central feature of the process.

July 10, 2017:
Luciferian Time Renunciation Audio

Click here for the full teaching video.