The Jews wanted a king. Jesus WAS that king.

But there was continual friction between Him and His followers over what facet of His nature they desired.

They loved His healing and deliverance power, his compassion, and sermons.

They didn’t get overly excited about being forgiven, cleansed, and reconciled to the Father.

So He was desired in a frequently undesirable way by those who could not see the real treasure that should have been desired.

And this is the eternal dilemma of women.

The first event at the advent of the woman was that she was pronounced utterly desirable by the man, primarily by the absence of brokenness. She was perfect in innocence.

The final event of the Church Age will be the Bride appearing at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, looking utterly desirable because of the magnificence of her righteousness.

But in between the journey from innocence to righteousness, it is generally a rough road for most women. They are broadly desired for their bodies first, their economic value second, and their gastronomic ability third.

Meanwhile, like Jesus, their true treasures are ignored, while men pursue their baubles.

But a woman was MADE to be desired and pursued. When the men around her cannot see her treasures, she is left with two seemingly hard choices. She can remain true to her treasures and be undesired and thus diminished, or she can join the rat race and be the piece of cheese at the end of the race, thereby also diminishing herself.

There IS another option, one which is more challenging to execute, but which enlarges, rather than diminishes one’s treasure and one’s dignity.

A woman IS made to be desired. This is one of the three core dynamics of healing the essence of womanhood.

We will be wrestling with this emotionally charged, timeless topic at our upcoming "Healing Womanhood" seminars.

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June 9, 2018 in Seattle, WA
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