Where to Begin

So you are new to Sapphire Leadership Group.

And you already feel overwhelmed and lost - kind of like someone from a third world country who flies into LAX and they have to navigate the maze on their own to get to their hotel. Overwhelming.

Allow me to coach you a bit on how this cluster of websites might work for you. First of all, understand that we do not have the continuity of a grocery store. In the average American grocery store, the veggies are against one wall, and if you swing around to the back you will find dairy and the butcher shop. The freezers are in the middle somewhere and the check stands are up front. If you go through the store systematically, you can find everything on your grocery list.

Not so with SLG. We are more like a shopping mall where the shoe store is next to the cell phone outlet, which is next to the fast food arcade. The only thing the stores have in common is that they are under the same roof.

SLG's content is quite disjointed, just like a mall, but for a different reason. We are a think tank and we focus on the issues no one else is discussing. So in the large arena of inner healing, we have a few ideas about working with the human spirit - but not a comprehensive discussion of how to go from A to Z in your journey.

Broadly speaking, you will have to draw heavily from other streams of teaching in your journey through life. We offer some valuable specialty items to supplement the meat and potatoes you get elsewhere.

So ... now that you know you won't find everything you are looking for, how DO you begin to explore this conglomeration of disconnected paradigms?

1) The Casual Visitor

Then wander over to Facebook to see what our tribe is talking about this week. That will give you a feel for the topics and the tone of our interactions with each other.


2) The Skeptical Visitor

One of my favorite ways to meet people is through the teaching called That's My King!" It will give you a chance to hear my heart before you hear my brain. This is a free audio download.

From there, go to our blog for a taste of the focus on growing your spirit and your brain through the awe of God.


3) The Redemptive Gifts

This was one of our early teachings, and it still is a favorite. Here are several items in our store that develop this theme.

You can also find many other titles on this theme in the Free Audio section.

4) The Human Spirit

Our foundational teaching is called Nurture Your Spirit Basic Seminar. It covers the difference between the spirit and the soul, then takes you step by step through how to engage the human spirit.


5) Events

We don't do very many events, but here is the list, if you want to see where Arthur will be speaking this year.

Arthur Burk
February 2015