What We Offer

We don’t offer:

  • Intercession for personal or national issues
  • Deliverance
  • Inner healing
  • Dream interpretation
  • Referrals to a specialist or to community.
  • Answers to problems.

Trying to get those here will be as frustrating as trying to buy butter at a bank. Each store has products they carry and don’t carry.

So why are we here, since those are the primary reasons people initially come here? And why would anyone come back when we don’t offer what they want?

Well, we offer some specialty products that you can’t get as easily elsewhere. That is what makes us different and highly sought after around the world.

Our first and finest product is principles.

A principle is a universal, non-optional, cause and effect relationship. These are the basic building blocks of all strategies for healing what is broken and for building what is useful.

Our second product is perspective.

If you spend any amount of time here, you will leave with an enlarged and refined perspective of God, man, the spiritual realm and nature.

Think of principles as the ingredients that go into a cake. Think of perspective as the recipe for assembling the principles to make the cake.

We don’t offer the cake as a finished product. We are not a plug-and-play organization. We equip the Do-it-Yourself tribe with the materials and the strategies for you to work out your own life project in a customized way.

Arthur Burk
April 2015