The Power of Feeling Loved

Do you feel loved? For some, a simple question. For others, a bruising topic.

You know all about the fact that you ARE loved by God, but you can’t feel it. And no matter what the shallow theologians say about it being enough to know, you know that every human being was designed to FEEL loved by God.

So if He wants it, and you want it, why is it still such a big, mean issue?

Especially since you are running hard after God’s love, jumping through all the hoops people put in front of you – and still coming up short!

First of all, there is not ONE silver bullet that will solve the problem. There are probably dozens of different reasons, or combinations of reasons.

This class explores ONE possible cause which I have not heard dealt with, in this way, by others.

There are specific curses that have been crafted by the enemy to distort our relationship with God the Father, and to block us from feeling His love.

This class will explore how to do diagnostics to see if this is the issue, and if so, how to remove the curses and reconnect with the love of God that has been blocked.

Will this solve the problem for everyone? Of course not. But if you have not looked under this rock yet, it is worth your time.

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