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The God of the Mountains

Patscherkofel Mountain is a dominant peak in the range of mountains surrounding Innsbruck in the Tyrolean region of Austria. Discernment suggests it is the stronghold of the principality that rules over the city and the surrounding areas.

On Thursday, September 15, 2016, Arthur and Serina felt impressed that it was time to enthrone Jesus on that mountain. We did not engage in overt warfare with the principality that rules from there. We merely did extensive proclamations of truth plus some legal work.

At one high place we partook of Holy Communion for ourselves and for the land and the air, since this principality controls weather over a large region. On the way down, we scattered salt for healing and oil for anointing at a few spots.

God surprised us with huge revelation all the way up and back. Below is an audio file that was recorded at home, on the same afternoon, somewhat capturing the themes covered on the mountain, of course without the intensity and power of the original, God-breathed, passionate expression.

We offer this to you, inviting various members of the Body of Christ to come into agreement with us from all over the world, so that the truth of God’s nature will be manifest on this mountain.

Of course it can also serve as a loose template for things God may have you do in your own region.

Click here for the prayer: The God of the Mountains