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The Art of Fathering: Your Design, Your Heart, Your Children


When I was a kid, the entry level manipulation tool was, “Jimmy’s dad lets him. . .”

It didn’t work very often, but we were hugely aware of the differences in parenting styles among us.

Why was that? Some of it was culture. My mom was an Okie and my dad’s roots were in the Missouri Ozarks. My best friend’s parents were from Pennsylvania coal mining country. Two different worlds.

But beyond culture, there were the redemptive gifts. My parents were Prophet/Mercy. His were Teacher/Exhorter! Each couple was parenting from their design.

After years of parenting based on the design of the child, it is time to bring some balance to the picture and explore the design of parents. We ARE different! How can we profitably parent from OUR design, while also acknowledging the design of the children?

I thought you would never ask!

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