Strategy Regarding Time

I could be wrong, but I think we are on the verge of a spiritual catastrophe of unprecedented magnitude.

This video event is a warning to the Tribe of something I hear no one else discussing, as well as a strategy for growing in the needed authority, before the devil makes his move.

Here is a skinny version.

The resurrection of Christ was irreversible. There is nothing in the devil’s tool kit that could undo or roll back that act of spiritual progress.

We are baptized into the death, burial AND resurrection of Jesus Christ. So why is our spiritual progress not irreversible? Why can we make major progress and then lose it?

The devil has a broad array of resources to try and keep us from having measurable, verifiable, SUSTAINED progress. One of those is the manipulation of time which we have taught about for years.

It seems as though the enemy has turbocharged that old tool in a new way and is preparing a major assault on the Body of Christ. If my premise is right, then many individuals and institutions in the Body will be savagely damaged, because they are too compromised.

If we move swiftly to come in the opposite spirit, we may be able to at least blunt the attack in our sector.

I am not given to fear mongering. You know that well. That said, this is the most formidable strategy of the enemy I have ever seen, and it is of vast concern to me.

Join us if you care to be part of the preparation.

The video will be recorded and will be available the day after the event.

There is no charge and no pre-registration required.