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SLG Internship - Your Starting Point


For this section, we don’t need your life history. You simply need to explain those areas of your journey that are salient to the proposed internship.

The central issue is that these internships are about growth projects, not deliverance and inner healing. You need to already have some significant momentum in a given area, and some skills pertinent to the subject before I bring my resources to the table.


-If you want mentoring in developing healing strategies through fractals, then the nature of your exposure to health sciences would be significant. Do you have a degree in some medical field? Do you have experience? What kind of research skills do you have? How much of my material on health and fractals have you listened to, and applied? What results do you have?

-If you want mentoring in impacting the spiritual climate of your neighborhood, I would want to know your team size, whether you are new in town or third generation, and what exposure you have already had to the topic.

-If you want mentoring in building a business, what business experience have you had, what have you read or studied and where is your strength?


The more you bring to the table, the more I can build with. If you bring nothing to the table but desire, it is probably not worth your time to apply, since there is a LOT that can be done in any field without my help in order to lay a foundation.