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SLG Internship – Win/Win


We have literally thousands of hours of free written, audio and video resources on our website. You could spend a lifetime implementing those things.

An internship that requires my time is not free.

Nor is there any set price.

And payment does not have to be made with government currency.

Assets come in many different forms such as pseudo currencies like airline miles, or resources like a mountain cabin where I could spend some time researching.

Labor is also an asset that can be exchanged. Suppose you are a cook, a carpenter, or a computer tech. Could you come to the office for a few days and invest your labor on a big project, and then “spend” that deposit of hours incrementally over the next year?

If you envision an internship offsite, are there technical skills you have that can be used long-distance to support our office?

If you are onsite for a longish period of time, could you work part time during the week to offset the time you receive from SLG in your internship?

A value proposition comes in a multitude of different formats. Show a large perspective in the way you present your proposal.