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SLG Internship – What Do I Have?


Most requests for an internship in the past have been very vague. People want to come and be here, certain that something good will happen as a result. They don’t care what, they are just sure it will be good.

That kind of an internship proposal will be a non-starter.

In step one, you have built a picture of what you have. In step two, you need to build a picture of a precise resource I have, that is transferable, that will enhance the resources you bring to the table.

Suppose you are into deliverance and inner healing.

You may need me to teach you how to diagnose certain complex situations.

You may need me to teach you how to develop a strategy when a person needs 15 things immediately.

You may need me to teach you how to see all demonic issues through the grid of the fractal of three.

Each of those is a very precise skill, within a very broad field.

Suppose you are a farmer.

You may need me to coach you on land cleansing at a deeper level than you already know.

Or you may need coaching on how to manage weather from a stewardship perspective.

The more vague your desired resource is, the more likely it will be turned down on the first pass.

The more specific it is and the more clearly it fits into what you already have, the more likely I will be to engage in developing the internship through an iterative process.