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SLG Internship Program


The SLG Internships are highly customized and are focused on equipping you for a Kingdom objective.

The process begins by your presenting me a written proposal that addresses the five issues below. You and I will go back and forth in an iterative process, seeking to build a package that is agreeable to all.


1. What skills of your own do you bring to the table?

2. What do I have that you need?

3. How do you envision the transfer taking place?

4. What changes are you going to make in your lifestyle to support this transfer?

5. How can it be a win/win proposal for you and me?

Click on each link to see a further discussion of what the question means.


There are three general frames for an internship.

-Individual, long-distance.

-Individual, onsite.

-Group, long-distance. 


Click on each link to see a hypothetical proposal.

This will very likely be one of the most challenging projects you ever undertook. It might also be one of the most transformational.


Arthur Burk
December 2018