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SLG Internship – Lifestyle Changes


These days, you buy an airplane ticket to get you from here to there, and then you have to decide what amenities you wish to add to the trip.

Do you want to check bags? Or get an aisle seat? Or pre-order your meal? Or board sooner rather than later?

It will cost you.

And it will add to the quality of your experience.

Some people choose low cost and low comfort. Others invest more to get more.

It is the same with your internship.

You might be living a fantastically well ordered, gently paced life, and adding a new labor intensive, intellectually challenging, spiritually disruptive commitment to your life will be simple.

For most, however, you would do well to overtly commit to some strategic lifestyle changes that will support a new intense season.

Start with subtraction. What can you cut out of your life to relieve pressure on your schedule? What can you remove that would help you be less exhausted at night? What can you delete that is a drain on your emotional reserves? What can you remove that is hampering your spirit’s excellence?

Then consider addition. What lifestyle changes would add some pizzazz to your physical vitality? What would enlarge your soul’s emotional bandwidth? What is available to turbocharge your spirit so it is in the best possible place to benefit from the internship?

Most of us have a world of choices we already know we could make and have not. Plus, there might be some wise people in your circle of counselors who can see things about you that you don’t see, and could help you refine your strategy even more.