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SLG Internship Individual, Onsite


Here is the final version of a hypothetical proposal from a retired lady in Oregon. Let’s assume we went back and forth about ten times before arriving at this agreement.

1. My name is Julie R. and I am a retired missionary and school teacher. All my life, I have been fascinated by patterns and have known in my spirit that there was spiritual truth behind them. When I first heard your teaching on fractals, I felt supremely vindicated in my spirit.

I would like to come for a year to study fractals under you. I am skilled at research on the web, and can handle Word documents well in the Microsoft environment, but I am not computer intuitive. I am healthy and can bend and lift and work reasonably.

I have listened to about 500 of your YouTube videos and at least 15 of your CD albums.

2. You have an understanding of the fractals of the human body that is broad enough to tell me when I am off course. I would like to do my own research on organs and the skeletal structure, but would like to bounce my ideas off you frequently, so I know I am not off course.

3. I would like to move to Spartanburg for a year, and come into the office at lunch time every day to share with you where I am going with my research and to hear your feedback and suggestions. It won’t take the whole of the lunch time, but I would like to have nearly daily feedback, so I don’t waste time being far off course.

I will email you written summaries of my models along the way, for you to critique at your discretion and for you to report back to me in writing or in person as best fits your schedule.

4. I plan on doing a complete media fast for the first 90 days after getting settled, then significantly moderate my exposure to media for the rest of the year.

That will mean I can break my habit of staying up too late. I will be very intentional about my sleep, and about using the Fractal of Two teaching to restore my kidneys and adrenals.

I will walk at least two miles, four times a week to improve my general health.

And I will use my (abundant) discretionary time when I cannot study any more, to explore the region around me to find land that will significantly enhance my spiritual journey.

5. In exchange for the live mentoring over lunch, I will donate two hours a day, three days a week for any kind of office work you need done, that does not include complicated computer stuff.

You are also free to use any of my research in any way you like.