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People We DO Serve

Envision concentric circles.

1) Our Staff
This is a tough place to work. The standards are very high. The complexity of an international operation with lots of technological components takes its toll. The work load is immense. And, when I irritate the enemy, the whole company can experience deleterious consequences. In addition to all that, they are the first row of guinea pigs for any of my half-baked ideas!

Thus, I unashamedly give them my best time and resources.

2) The Sergeants
There has been a vast exodus from the institutional church over the last 15 years. Many have walked away from their faith. Others have privatized it. But there are millions who went through the anguish of leaving the community of faith that they had poured their life blood into, then grieving that departure for two or three years, struggling with the legitimacy of life outside of a faith based community.

Eventually, however, the pain began to fade and the life giving engine within them demanded a transmission with which they could express themselves. With no grand vision from the institution to demand their allegiance, most looked within and found that the fire burned hottest in their design.

So, one at a time, they began to be life giving in the area of their passion. For one, it is better health. For another, stronger marriages. Or deliverance. Or special needs kids. Or righteousness in government.

As passion became action, fruit followed and so did other people.

This is what I call a Sergeant in this transitional expression of the Body of Christ today. They are people who are passionate about the Kingship of Jesus Christ. They are investing in changing the world with some facet of their design. They have five to 50 voluntary followers. There is no constitution or bylaws, no board of directors, no budget or fund raising, no policy manual or membership criteria.

They simply know their God, are in the trenches with dirt under their fingernails doing the work of the Kingdom, with a handful of people following them voluntarily. Sergeants. A wonderful tribe of very special people.

We exist to serve them. We are not gatherers, or legitimizers. We simply offer tools to help Sergeants execute their own vision. We don't have all the tools they need. But we offer some they can't find anywhere else.

The Sergeants get my second biggest block of time, after staff. When someone has listened to an album, tried to implement a principle, and it has not worked, I am very open to an e-mail asking for coaching. I answer thousands of e-mails a year from Sergeants.

3) Those on a Journey
While our biggest block of time goes to those who are looking outward, being life giving to others, we know there are many whose journey has not gotten them to that point yet. I still clearly remember the worst years of my life when the pain was high and the life givers didn’t have the time of day for me.

I consistently allocate time to answer some e-mails from those who are working hard on their own stuff. There is much we cannot do in an e-mail, and I am frank when the problem is too big for this medium, but other times a bit of diagnostic help will get someone going again.

4) Institutional Leaders
Pastors, business men, parachurch leaders generally have the greatest access to available resources, and historically have the lowest implementation rate for resources offered from us.

Nonetheless, we do make a modest amount of time available to that tribe on a monthly basis.

Arthur Burk
February 2015