Unsubscribe from Sapphire Blessings App


If you need to unsubscribe from the Sapphire Blessings app, please follow these steps to delete your app account and cancel the subscription:


App Account

  • 1. Open the app and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner
  • 2. Choose “Profile”
  • 3. Scroll down below your profile information and tap on “Delete Account”
  • 4. Once you have successfully deleted the account, UNINSTALL the app from your device


  • 1. Navigate to your app store account – Google Play or Apple App Store
  • 2. Select the Sapphire Blessings subscription
  • 3. Cancel the subscription (this will end the monthly payments)


The app is subscription based ONLY. If you cancel your monthly payment, you will lose access to the app content. You must have an active subscription to have an app account on your device.