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Sapphire Blessings

What is it?

The Sapphire Blessings App is a tool to bring incisive, transformational, fresh blessings to you three times a week.

How to buy it?

Click here to purchase the app from Google Play or search for "Sapphire Blessings" to purchase from the Apple App Store.

Who is it for?

These intense tools are for intense people who are on a passionate journey. They are not for people with a religious spirit, for pew potatoes or for spiritual consumers. They are by a builder and for builders. Caveat emptor!

What does it cost?

$4 per month. There are no ads in the app, and no additional purchases after the subscription. For the price of a cup of coffee, you get 12 new blessings each month, PLUS access to all of the previous archives.

App landing page

What is in it?

Article Landing Page

On Mondays, you will receive a big picture, written blessing bringing perspective to your relationship with God during the hard parts of the long journey.

Click here for a list of the topics already covered in the article archive.

Video Landing Page

On Wednesdays, you will receive a video with teaching on a specific healing tool for practitioners and those on a DIY healing journey. These are not foundational teachings for deliverance and inner healing. They are niche, specialty tools for unusual situations for those who have grown far but are stuck at some point.

Click here for the list of topics already covered in the video archive.

Audio Landing Page

On Fridays, you will receive an audio blessing dealing with restoring and empowering some facet of your body, with special emphasis on the brain. These begin with a teaching but usually conclude with a very focused prayer for either deliverance or inner healing. You can deconstruct the prayer and modify it for your own application, or you can follow along and enter into its power immediately.

Click here for the list of topics already covered in the audio archive.