Reflecting the Trinity

“Tabula rasa” generates 13 million hits on Google. That is somewhere between ridiculous and amusing, considering it is one of the most discredited bits of secular humanist social perspective.

The phrase means each child is born a completely blank slate and their experiences in the culture form them.

One area that is baked in by design, before a child has interactions with family and culture, is their connection with the Trinity.

Theologically, we need to know all three members individually. Functionally, we will be more drawn to one than another, and this is God’s design.

It colors more of our life than our redemptive gift or gender does.

Our current understanding of the model looks like this – subject to refinement over time.

God the Father is about community. Ephesians 3:14ff.

The perversion of His essence would be all those things that damage or defile community: war, racism, sexism, ageism, divorce, child molestation, economic bondage, religious wars, class warfare, political divisions, betrayal, abandonment, jealousy, etc. The list is immense.

We all are impacted by these things on a daily basis, and most of us will be deeply hurt by one or more at different points in our lives.

So to a degree, we will all care about the brokenness, and wish it were different. And those who have been impacted by some facet of the perversion of the nature of Father, may well become champions for justice and healing in that area.

That is logical.

But there are many who can point to no particular social situation or trauma that caused them to champion a particular cause. But they do feel very strongly about some issue, whether they invest there or not.

And this is an indicator of someone who is designed to feel Father’s heart over those perversions. It is a design thing.

Jesus Christ came to bring us to a place of dominion. Romans 8:35ff.

From the days of Adam and Eve’s poor choice, there have been thousands of forms of powerlessness that have marred the world. We are loudly assaulted with political, religious, economic and medical abuse of power. But more subtle are the power plays in a marriage, among good friends, and when our body refuses to function the way we wish it to.

And the people who have a passion to right the wrongs and restore dominion where there has been domination and powerlessness, are those who are expressing the heart of Jesus, since it was imprinted in them from conception.

Let’s look at this in terms of counseling.

Fred is a counselor with an imprint from Father. Jackie is a counselor with an imprint from Jesus. Each is working with someone who is DID because of sustained sexual violations during early childhood.

At present, any man over 5’ 8” who has a mustache triggers the counselees.

Both counselors are addressing the issue with their clients.

Fred is doing it from the perspective of reconciling her to community. He wants her to be able to go out and shop or play or do ministry without fearing males with a mustache, so she can have a comfortable place in community. Reconciliation is a fundamental part of any person who is reflecting Father.

Jackie’s client also wants to be able to be out and about in the community without fear, but Jackie is focused more on the issue of powerlessness, as her amygdala projects onto other people something from the past that is not real.

Her objective is to bring her client’s spirit and soul into dominion over that portion of the brain, so that the medial prefrontal cortex can step into its rightful executive role and decide unemotionally whether any individual man with a mustache does or does not represent a threat to her.

In a way, both counselors have the same objective. In another way, they have a different perspective on the issue. And over the long run, there will absolutely be a difference in the output. Fred’s client is going to be reconciled to a lot of situations and individuals. A good thing.

Jackie’s client is going to walk in a lot of dominion, in a lot of areas. A good thing.

Both models are right. Both rebuild a life. Each flows from the original design placed there by God.

The Holy Spirit is deeply rooted in Creation. Proverbs 8.

And this is where Western Christianity tends to be sadly underdeveloped. Broadly speaking, partnering with the Holy Spirit is limited to signs, wonders and miracles – and in some streams, religious expressions of speaking in tongues or being slain in the spirit.

Seeking to know the God of Creation is too often brushed away as being New Age, or Green Extreme.

But if we zoom out from the problematic labels, we can see a lot of people we know and love and walk with who already are deeply vested in “science” (another term for Creation) in a way that is more than just science.

Take sound. Part of Creation. Actually, one of the most foundational facets of the nature of God, since He created with sound.

Lots of people can play music with some degree of accuracy. But then there are the MUSICIANS who have that special something with sound that sets them apart. They are Creation people, whether they are saved or not, and they just know how to make sound become spiritual, even if they don’t believe in the spiritual.

Then there is color. People wear all kinds of clothes, and most of the time, they are dependent on the clothes to make themselves look better than they are.

But there are those unusual people who wear clothes and their spirit causes the clothes to look better on them than on someone else, because that is the facet of Creation that their spirit has imprinted on it.

Then there is the whole realm of engagement with animals. Creation people are able to connect more deeply with some animals, with less effort, than most of us.

How about motion? Some people look awkward when they are trying to dance with elegance. Others have such a grace on their movement that their motion looks elegant just walking down a sidewalk.

These are not generally celebrated as spiritual dynamics but they are an imprint from God and are reflections of the Holy Spirit. It is not something you can learn in 3rd grade.

So what would that look like in counselling? One of the most high-resolution examples of that would be hippotherapy where rescue horses and rescue kids heal each other with minimal intrusion by the “therapist.”

On a more nuanced level would be the therapist who schedules a session with a client over the phone, during a rainstorm. This client is a Creation person and a hard driving rain creates a safe place inside where her spirit can come to the front. As she sits on the porch, two feet away from a hard rain, the therapist can coach their spirit to access and minister to a wounded part who would never come to the front in a clinical setting.

Walking in dominion in our culture is highly celebrated as the norm for all.

Being someone who builds community is deeply valued in the marketplace, and generally rewarded, but not celebrated as much as a dominion person is. And Creation people are indeed celebrated in narrow “professional” niches, as musicians or artists, but generally are considered second tier in the culture, placing well after the dominion people.

That is the imbalance of our culture.

In God’s eyes, for a culture to be vibrant, it needs a blend of all three representations of the Trinity with a huge diversity of niches being lived out with dignity.

We are not there yet as a culture. As a Tribe, we are working hard to make a safe place for every gift God has given us to be celebrated and released to reveal His majesty.

Copyright by Arthur Burk
March 2021

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