Passionate Manhood Part 3


Imagine being color-blind . . . and not know it.

You could eat, sleep, play, love, fight, grow, and learn.  You were indistinguishable from the other kids your age.

Your deficit did not inconvenience you at all.  It was so in the background that you didn’t even know you had a deficit, until one day . . .

The same is true about not learning how to build.  You can go far in life obeying other people’s instructions, building their strategies for them and being rewarded for it.

But ultimately, not knowing how to build, will severely limit your becoming who God designed you to be.

The seminar provides a VITAL tool for people who broadly don’t know they have an acute deficit.

That means that the strategy used for spiritual preparation, needs to be uncommon, as we are preparing people for a fundamental shift, and they think they are coming for a minor tune up.

Below are some of the tools we used to direct the intercessors in preparing the spiritual atmosphere of the event.


Breakers, Takers and Makers

Whether it is capitalism, or socialism, or terrorism, or a narco-state, or a religion, builders win.  And corrupt builders disrupt and distort any system so that exploitation and injustice abound. Sincerity does not change this. Find out what does.