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Our Vision

We seek to partner with God to equip fathers who can lead effectively in the coming cultural change.


1) We seek to partner with God
Listen to the average prayer meeting and you will hear a lot of people coaching God on how to run the universe. We find that to be repugnant.

We serve The Great King, Jesus Christ, with an emphasis on the word “serve.” He has a plan. According to Ephesians 2:10, each of us was exquisitely designed to do a specific task in His master plan.

Hence our obsession with the Principle of Design. We seek to know who we are so we can partner with God in unpacking our treasures so that we can serve Him in the places He designed us to.

We have friends around the world in a broad cross section of streams of the faith. We continually monitor what they see and hear from their perspective, trying to maintain an accurate read on where the King is moving at any given time so we can partner with His plan.

With that, our passion is to remain nimble. We strive to be ready to change any plan, instantly, to synchronize with what is on His agenda for the day.

We partner with Him. We do not expect the King to partner with us.


2) To equip fathers
Western Christianity has broadly embraced a spirit of slavery from the ideological leaders of our institutions down to the grass roots level. Our passion is to find those who are called to be fathers and to equip them to grow people from slavery to sonship.

For the past 20 years, the language of fathering has been high profile in the religious scene but any change in the fabric of the religious culture is nearly imperceptible. We need something more than public ceremonies and passionate rhetoric.

We have no monopoly on the tools that fathers need, but we strive to be one of the many factories generating new tools that will equip those who already have the call to father, with the resources needed to grow their slaves into sons.


3) Who can lead effectively
A leader has followers and a leader has a destination. Many a man with a destination can get no one to follow him. Many others have a mutual admiration society but they are going nowhere with their followers.

We envision being one part of God’s process for training leaders who know what they should be doing in the Kingdom, and who have people who are willing to follow them at extreme personal cost.


4) In the coming cultural change
Opinions vary widely as to whether we are coming into a season of cataclysmic judgment or a time of unparalleled revival. We offer no opinion on which it will be. We are certain that the world as we know it will not continue indefinitely. Regardless of the delivery system, there is massive upheaval coming, in our opinion.

In times of destruction of status quo and rapid change of social structures and of the rules of the game, the King will need leaders who are larger than life.

While we are not the only, or the best, leadership engine out there, our vision is to equip fathers to lead their sons wherever the King needs when the great changes begin to happen.

Arthur Burk
February 2015