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Our Methods

Sapphire Leadership Group, LLC is a think tank. Our product is new paradigms. Our vision is to be transformational with those new paradigms, not merely informational.

To accomplish that objective, I work the two extremes.


Scalable Products

On the one hand, we produce books, audio and video resources and social media. These are what the marketplace calls "scalable." That means, once I have produced a video, it can be viewed ten times, ten thousand times or ten million times without requiring significant additional investment from me.

We distribute our paradigms in mostly scalable formats. These are essentially impersonal contacts. The person reading, viewing or listening has the option to buy into the ideas or not. If they embrace the concept, they may or may not be successful in implementing it.

This is a way of touching a lot of people lightly. The hope is that through the sheer numbers of those who are exposed, there could be some transformation in some people along the way.



On the other extreme is personal mentoring. This is not scalable. When I am spending time with one person on the phone or via e-mail, no one else is able to engage me. Individual engagement is the single most expensive form of transformation imaginable. I am extremely limited in how many lives I can touch!

On the other hand, the depth of transformation that is possible through one-on-one contact is unparalleled. When I write an e-mail tailoring a principle to your particular journey, it is most apt to result in changed behavior on your part and transformation of some facet of your life or your community.



Scalable products produce low transformation in a high number of people. Mentoring produces high transformation in a miniscule number of people. These are the two methods we primarily use to transition our ideas into the real world in a transformational manner.

In between these two extremes are events. Events are highly popular with our customer base, but they don't fit well in our master plan of being transformational. They are only mildly scalable, but they do produce a bit more transformation than the average impersonal CD album.

We do a few events each year, but spend the majority of our time on the two extremes. By design.

Arthur Burk February 2015