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Our History


As of 2015, we have distributorships in six countries, on four continents and plans for more. Our research is invigorating since we have faces before us of the people who need these answers to their life’s issues. We have a wonderful group of "guinea pigs" who eagerly experiment with each of our new ideas, letting us know which ones are duds and which have some value to them.

We have friends and enemies in abundance. We know that we are trailblazers, not pioneers. We don't know where we will be in five years, but we know that walking with Jesus Christ, our King, will be challenging, fulfilling and probably intermittently quite painful.

We have not arrived. We are forever on a journey. Our lifestyle is nimble, collaborative and life giving. There is nothing anyone can join. We are not a movement or a denomination. We don’t license or certify anyone. We don't have a referral list of approved partners in ministry.

We serve the King and seek to empower those who are in the trenches, with dirt under their fingernails, doing the work of the Kingdom.

Arthur Burk
February 2015


In the last few years, we have been looking at more and more medical dynamics and seeing ways to apply spiritual tools to the physical dysfunction.

Our album on the adrenals and kidneys has sold massively around the world and has saved many lives, as well as giving quality of life to others.

We have pioneered doing deliverance on the brain and the spine, two highly spiritual portions of our body.

There is much more to explore in the area of aligning the spirit, soul and body into a single highly synchronized package. It appears that this will be the primary focus for the third season of our company.

With that in mind, we found it propitious to move out of California. After a year of pondering and exploring options, we decided that Spartanburg, South Carolina would serve as a viable base for the indefinite future.

Hence, the company relocated in September of 2018.