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Our Hidden Treasure

Our website is a supersized warehouse of information. It would take you weeks to listen to everything just once and several lifetimes to apply everything. It is the visible, easily accessible portion of our treasure.

Far more significant though is the global community that tracks with us. There is no clearing house where you can find the name, redemptive gift and niche anointings of everyone who has ever purchased one of our resources. This treasure that is so much bigger than the data we post here has to be looked for carefully.

As you attend events and watch the comments on our blogs, you can look for a kindred spirit and connect with them. It helps so much to have someone who can talk through the transition from the abstract to the concrete.

It isn't necessarily easy to connect with new people this way, so most don't.

It can be hugely valuable, though, if you are willing to make the effort and take some risks.

Arthur Burk
February 2015