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Offsite Group Internship


Here is the final version of a hypothetical proposal from a businessman in Toronto. Let’s assume we went back and forth about ten times before arriving at this agreement.

1. My name is Jack B___ and I am in upper management in a financial services company in Toronto. I have studied humanistic leadership at length, and seen the good, the bad and the ugly of it every day for the last 30 years.

I heard you speak about the seven steps in establishing the government of God here on earth. Some friends and I are planning to leave this company in a few years and start a Kingdom business. We would like to study the government of God for two years first.

There are five of us. We have discretionary time, academic and computer skills, and endless opportunities to experiment with the principles.

2. You know what we need to know to get there. We need you to do two things. First is show us the path to study. Second is to debrief with us periodically when we have studied.

3. We are new to your model, and it appears we have a lot of catching up to do. For the first four months, we need a sequence from you of what to purchase and study just to get up to the starting line and learn your underlying principles. We will invest the time to study and will discuss the concepts among ourselves. We would like a 60 minute debrief once a month through a conference call, to be sure we have extracted the heart of your messages.

For the next fourteen months, we would like to cover one of the seven steps every two months. We envision your giving us a working assignment that will take around seven hours a week to study, punctuated by a few emails with questions during the month. A once a month conference call of around 90 minutes would help us convert the abstract to the specific applications in our trade.

The final six months will be spent building a model for the new business startup. A 90 minute per month consultation would be helpful.

I will be the group liaison so you will not have any increase in administrative work.

4. We are each cutting back on our work schedule so as to have quality time to work on this project. We plan on getting away at a retreat center for an entire day of discussion, before connecting with you each month.

Each person has committed to having a weekly meeting with his or her spouse, to ask whether we are being realistic with our schedule and commitments.

5. In our trade, we charge around $350 an hour for our services. We will pay you the same.