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Offsite Individual Internship


Here is the final version of a hypothetical proposal from an integrative medicine doctor in Norway. Let’s assume we went back and forth about ten times before arriving at this agreement.


1. My name is Dr. J_____ from Bergen, Norway. I have been in family practice for 20 years and have added various modalities of alternative health care resources in the last five years. I have been tracking with you for three years and have listened to 20 of your albums related to health. I am a Mercy gift, and am reasonably comfortable at engaging with the spirit of many of my clients.

I am skilled in differentiating between issues with biological roots and those where the body is manifesting the results of a troubled soul.

I am fluent in Norwegian, German and American English, and am quite comfortable with most computer technology.

2. I need diagnostic skill regarding spiritual issues. I understand in theory that sometimes there are external spiritual intrusions of various sorts, and sometimes a toxic human spirit can cause physical problems just like a toxic soul can. I need to know how to tell the difference between the two and what to do about it.

(In the initial presentation, he had a list of about a dozen things he wanted to learn from me. I was not willing to make an open-ended commitment to so much, so I reduced the focus to something fairly narrow for the first mentorship. If this works well, we can always add projects indefinitely.)

3. I will submit an audio message up to three cases a week, explaining my reasoning process about a patient where I suspect spiritual dynamics. Each audio clip will be no more than ten minutes long. You can ask clarifying questions by email, or you can divert the case to one of your team who can help with the discernment, or we can schedule a short Skype call at your convenience to explore the options.

This will be a six-month commitment.

(In the initial presentation, he asked for phone time with me on an open-ended number of patients a week. I reduced that to three and asked him to take the time to write out his intake info. He pushed back because writing in a foreign language on a technical topic takes a LOT of his time and energy, so I agreed to an audio clip, which saved him time, but did not lock me into being on the phone at a specific time.

I also factored in the option to punt to some of my team who could easily answer some of his questions with the experience level they have.)

4. I will start a vigorous protocol of cleansing my examining room of spiritual defilement, and I will bring in a local intercessor once a week to bless the rooms with a spirit of revelation.

I will recruit two off-site intercessors to ask God to bring into my practice the people who would best enlarge my understanding of the process of spiritual discernment in a medical practice.

I will play the Psalms at night while I sleep, in order to enlarge my spirit.

(There is a lot of insight I can share, but so many of the fine judgment calls are based on discernment, not on technique. I pushed for these three things to grow his spirit while I was adding soul tools).

5. I will translate one SLG document of five pages or less per month, into Norwegian, for you to use as you wish.

(We envision a presence in Norway someday and distributing resources ahead of time is one way to prepare the ground. He is offering me a high-quality product in exchange for my high-quality product. The bartering is more effective here than cash compensation.)